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Kids’ Bible Craft: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

In this craft, kids will use googly eyes to make Braille cards as they learn about one of Jesus’ miracles (healing a man who was blind).

Scripture: John 9:1-41

You’ll need:

Easy Prep

Make a sample craft to show kids.


For extra fun, use colored googly eyes instead of black.

Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Make a Braille Card

Say: Jesus healed a man who was blind. Jesus has the power to heal! Let’s make encouraging cards for people who are struggling and need Jesus’ power. Have kids share about people from the church who need prayers and love. Kids will make their cards for those people.

Give each child a “Braille Alphabet” handout. Have kids fold their handouts in half like a card, with the Braille key on the inside left flap. Kids will then use the key to figure out how to write a get-well message in Braille on the front of the card. For example, kids could write “Get well!” (which uses 26 dots) or “Jesus heals” (which uses 27).

Have kids use pencils to mark where the dots will go; that will make it easier to apply googly eyes later.

Before kids apply googly eyes, have them open their cards and write an encouraging message inside (using regular English letters). Kids can also use markers to decorate inside the cards.

Get Better

Say: Since Jesus healed a blind man in our Bible story, our get-well cards will use eyeballs to make Braille letters.

Have kids stick googly eyes onto the pencil dots they made earlier to spell their message in Braille. Then they can use markers to decorate the front of the cards around the Braille message.


  • What encourages you or helps you feel better when you need help? Share your own example first.

Say: Jesus has the power to heal people who need just a little bit of help and to heal people who are really struggling. He could even make a blind man see! Collect the cards to give to the people in your church who kids mentioned earlier. Also give kids each an extra copy of the handout to take home so they can make another card for someone they know who is sick.

This craft was taken from Makerific WOWS!: 54 Surprising Bible Crafts (ages 8-12). Looking for more kids’ crafts? Check out these ideas!

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Kids’ Bible Craft: Jesus Heals ...

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