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5 of the Most Effective Church Outreach Event Ideas

If you’re looking for the best impact-for-your-effort check out our 5 most effective church event ideas for a strategy that engages families year-round.

We found surprising insights in our research with churches over the past several years, including the fact that most churches identified outreach events as one of their most important and effective family ministry strategies. Couple that with the reality that once visiting families enter your church building more than twice, you significantly increase the odds that they’ll become attendees. Together, these facts tell us that year-round church events are key to your ministry to families and community. So when you think about your next family ministry or outreach event, follow this strategy.

5 of the Most Effective Church Outreach Event Ideas

Event Idea 1: Vacation Bible School

Millions of kids attend VBS every year. Our exclusive research tells us that 61% to 74% of churches held VBS in 2014 (Campbell-Rinker and Greystone). A healthy 30% of churches reported higher attendance in 2014 than in previous years. VBS is a great, non-threatening way to welcome families into your church for fun—for an entire week!

Event Idea 2: Back-to-School Kickoff

At the start of each year, make a point to officially welcome kids into your ministry. This part meet-and-greet, tour, and celebration is a wonderful way to connect with parents and signal the value your church places on children’s ministry. Check out free ideas here.

Event Idea 3: Fall Fest

Families everywhere are looking for a safe and positive Halloween alternative. Your fall fest is the strategically perfect time to invite kids and families back into your church—especially those who attended VBS. One thing to remember with Fall Fest—avoid the temptation to only have people show up in your parking lot. Invite them into your church building, and train your team to make personal connections and welcome all guests.

Event Idea 4: Christmas

This is a uniformly busy time, but it’s also the time to re-evaluate the programs you are already doing to ensure you’re making the most impact. And families are looking for a meaningful, inspirational way to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Event Idea 5: Easter

Easter is one of the most overlooked opportunities to share our faith with families in a deeply meaningful way. We often resort to the mass-Easter Egg hunt that leaves kids in tears and no valuable takeaway for families. Instead, consider this season as a unique opportunity to invite families into your church to learn about Jesus’ resurrection.

This year-round approach to church events will ensure families make lasting connections to their faith—and with your church.

Discover the secrets to pulling off a great outreach event here.

Looking for more outreach ideas? The start here! And for even more ideas and daily posts of inspiration, follow us on Facebook!

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