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Easter Party Activity

Throw a party to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Have kids make their own noisemakers. You’ll need empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, markers, a stapler, crepe paper, and dried pinto beans.

Help children each cut open and flatten their toilet paper roll. Have children decorate the outside of their flattened rolls with markers. When they’re finished, staple two 8-inch strips of crepe paper to one small end. Roll up the flattened roll and staple shut the end that has the crepe paper. Help children each put a small amount of beans in their roll. Then insert two more crepe paper strips at the open end and staple that end closed.

Start your party with music and let kids “play” their noisemakers along with the music. Then have kids hunt for hidden crosses throughout the room. Afterward, serve refreshments and have kids act out the Easter story, using costumes and any sound effects you can gather.

Nanette Goings
Longmont, Colorado

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Easter Party Activity

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