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kids in a Christmas children's message
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Christmas Children’s Message: Jesus Is Born

Looking for a children’s message for your Christmas service? We’ve got you covered with this Christmas children’s message, where kids experience an instant Christmas pageant as they discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2; Luke 2:1-20


  • Bible
  • large box filled with angel halos (sparkling garland) and robes for Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men
  • baby doll

Easy Prep:

On the outside of the box, write “Instant Christmas Pageant.” Ask someone in the audience to bring the baby doll forward at the appropriate time.


If you have a manger, place it in the bottom of the box before filling it with costumes. If you have a shepherd’s staff, place it in the box so it’s sticking out partway. Ask one or two helpers to assist in getting out the costumes, dressing the characters, and positioning them. Mary and Joseph will be in the center, shepherds stand to one side, wise men at the other, and angels behind them.

Christmas Children’s Message

Pretend you don’t see the box when you begin your message.

Say: I love Christmas and being able to celebrate Jesus’ birth, don’t you? Let’s hear some of the story. Open your Bible, and read aloud Luke 2:1-7.

The story goes on to tell about the angels who sang, and the shepherds and the Magi who came to see Jesus. We sometimes call the Magi the wise men.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see this story in action! Why don’t you all help me put on a Christmas pageant?

Look at the box and look startled.

Say: Well, what do you know! Here’s a box of supplies just for us. It says “Instant Christmas Pageant.” Let’s dig into it and put on a show!

Let’s see, who wants to be a shepherd? Choose shepherds, and have them put on robes. Ask an adult helper or two to help with the costumes and positioning the actors on stage.

How about the wise guys? I mean the Magi who came from the east. Choose three kids, and costume and position them.

We need Joseph and Mary! Choose two kids, and costume and position them.

How ’bout them angels? Choose angels, and give them garland halos. If you have a manger, bring it out last and put it between Joseph and Mary.

Hmmm. Everything looks in place. But I have a feeling we’re forgetting something. What are we forgetting? Wait for the kids to say “Jesus!” Oh, my! We forgot baby Jesus. Ask the person from the audience to bring the baby doll Jesus and either lay him in the manger or place him in “Mary’s” arms.

Sing a song such as “Away in a Manger.”

Jesus Is the Reason

Then gather the actors and actresses.

Say: We almost forgot Jesus! Sometimes we get so busy with all the other fun things of Christmas that we forget the one who is right at the center of it all—Jesus.


  • How do people sometimes forget Jesus during Christmas?
  • Why do you think that happens?

Say: I’m so glad that God will help us keep Jesus in the middle of our Christmas celebrations and activities. Jesus is what Christmas is all about!

Let the kids take off their costumes and place them back in the box. As they do, have them say, “Thanks for being born to save us, Jesus.”

Close by praying: Dear Jesus, this time of year can get so busy and be so much fun that it is easy to forget that it is all about you. You are the best gift of all. We love you and want to remember you as we celebrate Christmas. In your name, amen.

This Christmas children’s message comes from The Humongous Book of Children’s Messages. In this book you’ll find 170 quick-prep children’s messages on everything from major holidays and common children’s topics to key Bible stories. For even more Christmas children’s messages, check out these posts!

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Christmas Children’s Message: Jesus I...

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