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Elementary Christmas Devotion: Eyes on Jesus

Kids search for a partner as they experience how the wise men searched for Jesus.

Scripture: Matthew 2:8-12

You’ll need:

Lock Eyes With Each Other

Have kids stand in a circle. You’ll need an even number of kids in the circle, so decide whether or not to participate based on how many kids you have.

Say: It’s Christmas, and we’re celebrating Jesus’ birth. Today we’re learning about how the wise men searched to find baby Jesus. Let’s experience what it’s like to search for someone right now.

Gather kids in a circle facing each other.

Say: You’re going to close your eyes. When I say, “Search out!” open your eyes and look out across the circle and try to lock eyes with someone. Let kids practice.

Now let’s play. When I tell you to search out, if the person you look at is looking back at you, run to the center of the circle and celebrate finding each other with a high-five; then move outside the circle as a pair. If you’re looking at someone who’s looking at someone else, then stay in our circle for another round and close your eyes again.

Repeat until all the kids are in pairs. Then have kids discuss the following questions with their partners.


  • Describe what it was like trying to lock eyes with a partner.
  • Talk about a time you looked really hard for something–and then you found it.

Lock Eyes With Jesus

Say: To lock eyes with someone, you had to focus, act quickly, and pay attention. Let’s see what the wise men did to “lock eyes” with baby Jesus.

Read aloud Matthew 2:8-12.


  • How were the wise men focused on Jesus?

Say: The wise men searched for baby Jesus. They followed the star in the east to find him. When the wise men found their savior, they were filled with joy. They knelt down in front of him and worshipped him.


  • At Christmas, what kinds of things take your attention away from Jesus?
  • Why do you think stores and ads seem to focus on everything except Jesus?
  • What are ways you can stay focused on Jesus at Christmas?

Say: This Christmas we can celebrate the joy of Jesus, too. We can keep our focus on him.

Pray: Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus. Help us keep our eyes on him–today and every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Looking for more great Bible activities for children? Check out The Humongous Book of Children’s Messages. You can also find more ideas here!

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