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3 Simple Children’s Messages to Use in a Pinch

Need a quick and simple children’s message? Look no further! Here are three simple children’s messages from Simply Loved curriculum to add to your ministry to children this week.

1. Simple Children’s Message: God Guides and Provides


  • Bibles
  • paper
  • pencils
  • whiteboard
  • dry-erase markers

Say: The book of Psalms is filled with songs that were sung to remember God’s faithfulness. Let’s read part of a psalm that was sung by God’s people to remember how God had guided and provided for them.

Distribute Bibles and help kids find Psalm 105. Glance over the whole psalm, then read verses 1 and 40 together.

Say: God guides us. And I’ll guide us as we create our own psalm—Mad Lib style!

Distribute paper and pencils. Have everyone number their papers 1 to 9. Write the following prompts on a whiteboard, and have kids write responses on their papers. Be ready to assist younger kids. Then have kids shout out their answers as you read the psalm below.

  1. Adjective that describes God
  2. Favorite food
  3. Favorite game to play
  4. Least favorite chore
  5. Positive adjective
  6. Verb
  7. Your nickname

“Oh God, you are so [1]. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You give me [2]. You help me play [3]. Even when I have to [4], I know you’re with me. You’re [5]! I will [6] to tell everyone how you guide me so faithfully. Love, your friend [7].”

2. Simple Children’s Message: God Guides Us


Say: The Tabernacle, and later the Temple, was God’s dwelling place back in Bible times. But now, because of Jesus, we can be a dwelling place for God.

Distribute Bibles and help kids find and read 1 Corinthians 6:19 together. Briefly explain that the Holy Spirit is God.


  • How does it feel to imagine God living inside of you?
  • What keeps you from feeling like a temple for God?

Say: Sometimes you may not feel very special or important, but our bodies are made by God, and his Holy Spirit lives in us! And just as God had his people make a beautiful Tabernacle, God has created an incredible temple in you. I’ll show you some cool things about our “temples.”

  • Your hearts will beat more than 3 billion times during your lives! Lead jumping jacks, then have everyone feel their heartbeat.
  • Have everyone flex their biceps or triceps and ask them to guess which muscle in their bodies is the strongest. Your jaw muscle is one of the strongest, since it can exert more pressure than other muscles.
  • Humans blink about 20 times a minute! Form pairs, and let partners have a staring contest, seeing who can stare the longest without blinking.

Say: You’re a dwelling place for God’s Holy Spirit! And as we grow, God guides us, showing us how we can use these incredible temples to do his amazing work.

3. Simple Children’s Message: God Is Patient


  • Bibles
  • paper towels (1 per person)
  • washable markers
  • shallow tray of water

Distribute Bibles and help kids find and read Psalm 86:15; 103:8; and 145:8 together.

Say: This same verse shows up three times in Psalms. You can even find these words in a few other places in the Bible.


  • Why do you think it’s written in the Bible so many times?

Say: God is patient. Like the Israelites, we may forget about God and go our own way time and again. But time and again, God reminds us of his love for us that’ll never go away. We may forget about God, but God never leaves us.

  • Draw a picture on half of a paper towel. Then fold the other half over it to cover it up to show you “forget” about it.
  • Then place the paper towel in water and watch as the drawing reappears!

These simple children’s messages come from Group’s Simply Loved Sunday school curriculum. Simply Loved exists to keep Sunday school simple and to make Sundays less complicated. This curriculum works with any classroom format, any time frame, and any church size! For even more children’s messages, check out these ideas.

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