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10 Things Parents Love About Your Ministry

The top-10 things parents value about your children’s ministry, from exclusive Children’s Ministry Magazine research.

1. Safe and Fun Environment — Parents’ first question for kids after class or a program is “Did you have fun?” but rest assured that their #1 concern is that their child is safe in your care.

2. Spiritual Growth Opportunities — Make no mistake: Parents want their kids to grow closer to Jesus in your ministry.

3. Age-Appropriate Materials — Parents trust you to determine what that is, but they understand the importance of this.

4. Relationships With Other Kids — This is especially true in areas where kids don’t attend school together. Parents want their kids to have friends who share their values and church is a great place for that.

5. Consistency in Teachers — It’s comforting to parents to see the same faces week after week–because it makes it easier for their children.

6. Service Opportunities — Parents today highly value their children serving and growing in character by giving.

7. Family Events — In our research, this is the #1 way children’s ministers define their “family ministry.”

8. Celebrating Faith Milestones –– Parents appreciate training and celebration surrounding key faith milestones in their children’s life.

9. Social Events — Parents want to have fun with other families at church.

10. Parent Seminars — That’s right: #10. Meaning, they probably won’t attend that often, but they see it’s value.

Check out the exclusive research for great insights into parents!


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