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Get Ready! Kids will enjoy this challenging game to prepare them for the fun and joy of the holiday season.

Get Set! You'll need green pool noodles or a large artificial wreath, a hot glue gun, ping-pong balls, fishing line, blindfolds, and gift tags. Create a large Christmas wreath by forming a pool noodle into a circle and gluing the ends together. You can hang the wreath from the ceiling with fishing line, or you can have helpers hold the wreath during the game.

Go! Have kids take turns trying to toss "snowballs" (pingpong balls) through the wreath. Have kids see who can get the most snowballs through the wreath from farthest away, blindfolded, or throwing the balls over their shoulder backward.

Afterward talk with kids about the preparations their families make for Christmas, such as decorating, baking, or shopping for gifts.

Say: The game we just played was physically challenging-it can also be challenging for us to focus on preparing our hearts for Christmas.

Give kids gift tags and have them write how they'll prepare for Christmas in three ways: giving, thanking, and celebrating.

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