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Free Christmas Game: Sheep Shuffle

In this Christmas game, children experience what it’s like to be a shepherd and connect to Jesus as the good shepherd.

You’ll need:

  • paper plates
  • balloons
  • upbeat music

Christmas Game: Sheep Shuffle


  • What do you think it would have been like to be a shepherd in Bible times?
  • What do you think they did every day?

Say: Like people who raise animals today, shepherds in Bible times worked pretty hard. They kept the animals safe, made sure they had enough food and water, and tended any animals who got hurt. Let’s see if you’d make good shepherds.

For this Christmas game, form two groups, and hand each person a paper plate. Explain that one group will be Shepherds, herding the balloon “sheep” into different corners of the room, sorted by color. Shepherds can use their paper plates to create wind to guide the balloon sheep. The other group will stand around the perimeter of the room, holding their own paper plates. They’ll wave the plates to make wind that will move the balloon “sheep” away from where the Shepherds are herding them.

Play upbeat music while kids play this Christmas game. After one round, have groups switch roles and play again. Then set the balloons out of sight and gather kids together.

Talk About the Game


  • How do you think our game was like being a real shepherd?
  • Why do you think God chose to share the news of Jesus’ birth with shepherds first?

Say: Shepherds worked hard. They didn’t have a lot of money or fancy clothes. They spent their time caring for animals. But God shared his best news with them first! Later in the Bible, Jesus called himself the good shepherd.


  • How do you think Jesus is like a shepherd?

Say: Jesus came for everyone. He didn’t come to save only people with money or fame or important jobs. He loves and wants a friendship with everyone!

This Christmas game comes from Friends With God Bible Lessons (New Testament). You can find the corresponding Friends With God Story Bible here, or check out the Bible and devotional gift set here. For more Christmas games, check out these posts!

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Free Christmas Game: Sheep Shuffle

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