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My Little Hands

Hands -pin
Have kids make this special gift for Father's Day.

You'll need white construction paper, washable paint, paintbrushes, glue sticks, and copies of My Little Hands (see below). Create versions with "grandpa" and "uncle" for other gifts.

Have preschoolers center and glue the poem on paper. Then paint kids' palms so they can leave their handprints on each side of the poem.

Lori Turner

Fredericktown, Ohio

My Little Hands
God gave me these hands so small,
To hug my Daddy, big and tall.
God gave me these hands so sweet,
For Daddy to hold down the street.
God gave little hands to me,
To wrap around my Daddy's knee.
One way to show my Dad I care,
Is to fold my hands and say a prayer.
I say, "God, please bless my dad,
'Cause he's the best a kid could have."

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