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Craft: Rain Sticks

Jennifer Hooks

A great craft idea for your children's ministry activity.

Age Level: 10 to 12
Scripture: Genesis 9:16
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Activity Time: 30 minutes
End Result: One rain stick per child

Materials: For each rain stick, you'll need one empty cardboard paper towel roll, 20 finishing nails, 1/3 cup dry rice, glue, masking tape, tempera paint, and Bibles. You'll also need craft materials such as craft beads, feathers, and glitter.

What to do: Have children press the nails through the spiral seam of the cardboard paper towel roll about 2 inches apart. Apply a dot of glue to each nail to hold it in place. When the glue has dried, cover one end of the roll with masking tape. Pour the rice in the tube. Cover the open end and secure it with masking tape.

Read Genesis 9:16. Say, "After God sent rains that flooded the earth, he promised to never again flood the earth. God created a rainbow so that whenever we see one, we'll remember God's promise." Have children decorate their rain sticks with rainbows to remind them of God's promise in Genesis 9:16.

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