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Spread the good news of Jesus’ resurrection with these 10 new “egg-citing” experiences.

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Easter is one of the biggest days on your church calendar — and for good reason. As a children’s ministry leader, you want Easter celebrations to make a big impact in children’s lives. After all, it’s the resurrection of our Savior that changes all our lives! For some new ways to capture attention and hearts on this joyful day, dig into this “basket” of ideas that’ll help children and  families know Easter’s true meaning.

He Is Risen!
Best for Ages 3 to 6
This simple craft lets children picture Jesus’ empty tomb.

Get Ready: You’ll need paper or foam plates, scissors, glue, paint (gray or brown), paintbrushes, black cardstock or construction paper, and paper lunch sacks.

Get Set: Help children each cut a plate in half and cut out an opening in the center to look like a cave or tomb. Then let them  paint their plates. When the paint is dry, glue black cardstock to the back of the plate. Next, have children create a “stone” by wadding up a paper lunch sack and placing it in front of the tomb.

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Faith Talk: Read Mark 16:3-4. Tell children to roll back their stones and ask them what’s inside. When they say “nothing,” remind them that’s because Jesus has already come back to life. He died to forgive our sins, and now he’s alive in heaven.
Tania Willis Columbus, Ohio

Family Art Show
Best for All Ages
Host an Easter Family Art Show so families can work together to discover the reason we celebrate. Encourage families to get
creative; they can draw or paint a picture, create a clay display, sew an object, build a block structure, take photos, or create a
collage depicting an aspect of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Have families bring their artwork to church the week before Easter. Display it throughout your children’s ministry area and invite
people to attend the show.
Amy Dolan Arlington Heights, Illinois

Egg Guessing Game
Best for Preschool
Get Ready You’ll need plastic eggs, taped shut, with different objects inside, and prizes. Get Set Simply have kids shake the eggs and guess what’s in there, for a prize. You could also put two of the same objects in plastic eggs and put all of the eggs in a pile. Like Memory, have kids shake eggs to see if they can match up the sounds, and then keep the “pairs” of eggs.

This game is from the exciting (we think so) Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Kit (from us). Multiply the impact by having 10, 15, or even 50 families-invite neighbors over for egg hunting, candy, games, and, most importantly, the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. What a great way to leave a lasting impression! Kits are available at group.com.

Scrambled Egg Hunt
Best for Ages 6 and up
Get Ready You’ll need two egg-hunting areas, one without eggs and one with lots of filled plastic eggs.

Get Set: Before this year’s egg hunt, help children try to imagine what it was like to be at the first Easter. Gather in a room
separate from the hunt location. Read or tell about Jesus dying on the cross. At the part when the soldiers put Jesus’ body in the
tomb, have a volunteer interrupt to take children to the egg hunt. Tell children you’ll finish the story when they return.

At the egg-less location, ask children what it’s like to discover that something’s unexpectedly missing. Discuss their feelings and
explain this is probably how Jesus’ friends felt when they went to the tomb and couldn’t find his body.

Faith Talk: Read Luke 24:3-6. Say: “Jesus wasn’t in the tomb because he’s alive. This surprised Jesus’ friends, but it was a
good surprise. The good news of Easter is that Jesus didn’t stay dead. By rising, he gives us good gifts such as forgiveness and peace.”

Then send children to the hunt location that’s filled with eggs and have fun hunting.
Ashley Kuhn Parkersburg, West Virginia

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