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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: The News of Jesus’ Birth

Use this preteen Sunday school lesson to help preteens deeply think about the news of Jesus’ birth. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

1. News Sources

Ask kids to name ways we send and receive news (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, mail, email, social media, phone calls, texting, and person to person.)


  • Is the news you hear about usually bad or good?
  • Do you believe everything you hear on the TV news or see on the internet?
  • Which do you trust more: news from a friend or news from a stranger? Why?

Say: The Bible contains some pretty unbelievable news that was delivered by a very unusual source. If the birth of Jesus happened today, how do you think the media would cover the story?

2. Tonight’s Top Story

Read aloud Luke 2:1-20. Have kids prepare and present a TV news broadcast about the birth of Jesus. Select reporters, anchors, and eyewitnesses to interview. Have kids work together to prepare interview questions and responses, and then present the broadcast.

Afterward, reread Luke 2:17-18.


  • If Jesus were born today, do you think people would believe the story?
  • Would you? Why or why not?

3. Good News Spreads Fast

Say: See how quickly you can get the word out. Grab hands with two other people and say, “Jesus is born! Spread the news!” Then quickly grab hands with two others, hold hands as a group of four, and repeat the message.

Continue until everyone is joined together in one circle.

Then pray: Thank you, God, for sending us your Son. What good news it is for everyone! Amen.

4. Good News Greeting

Have children make patchwork angel cards for friends and family. Give each child a 4×6-inch piece of dark blue poster board. Have them trace around an angel cookie cutter or draw an angel outline freehand. Then have them each cut bits of shiny or homespun fabric and glue them inside the design in a patchwork fashion. After the fabric is glued on, have them squeeze on fabric paint to conceal raw edges, outline the angel, and add facial features. When dry, have them each write a Christmas message on the back of their card.

5. Snack

You’ll need:

  • plain sugar cookies cut in a variety of Christmas shapes
  • ready-to-spread icing
  • decorator sprinkles
  • blunt knives

Let children frost and decorate a cookie in whatever way they wish. As they spread the icing, talk about spreading the news of Jesus’ birth. As they add the sprinkles, talk about the joyful celebration of Christmas. Before they eat, encourage them to exchange cookies. Talk about sharing gifts of love.

Cindy Nelson is a 14-year-veteran of Christian education in Minnesota.

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4 thoughts on “Preteen Sunday School Lesson: The News of Jesus’ Birth

  1. Aurora Rivera

    Thank you so much, excelent material. It has been a great help for my kids’s sunday lesson. Especially for christmas lesson.
    God bless you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


      You’re welcome, Aurora! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!

  2. Alexandra Galiley

    Thank you so much for the excellent lesson! It was very exciting to film the news with the kids! We made a video of the news report and sent it to the children’s parents.

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi Alexandra,

      We are thrilled to hear that you and your ministry enjoyed this Sunday School lesson. We hope you continue to find great gems on here to lead your children closer to Jesus.

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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: The New...

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