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12 Easy Easter Ideas About Jesus for Sunday School

With Easter so close, here are 12 easy Easter ideas about Jesus that you can use in your Sunday school, children’s church, or even at home. And they’re completely focused on the real reason for Easter—Jesus.

Easter Skits

1. An Easter Story is a powerful (and easy) skit to help kids know that Easter isn’t about the Easter Bunny by having the Easter Bunny learn that Easter isn’t all about candy; it’s about Jesus.

2. The Easter Skit: The Old Rabbits’ Home is a clever way of parodying four famous rabbits as you help kids understand that Easter is not about bunnies!

Easter Snacks

3. These 3 Easter Snacks for your ministry will make memorable lessons for kids to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Easter Activities

4. Easter is the perfect time to celebrate Jesus’ love for us with the families in your church and community. Use this unique and meaningful scavenger hunt with families to teach the true point of Easter.

5. Your entire congregation can enjoy this Easter Cross Garden on Easter morning. Kids will place crosses in the church lawn; it’s a wonderful surprise gift to your church and community in remembrance of Christ’s resurrection.

6. These Easter Egg Prayers transform something children are used to seeing at Easter—plastic eggs into a meaningful celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice and the hope of his resurrection.

Easter Games and Giveaways

7. The Easter Jelly Bean Walk is a fun game for kids with meaning. You’ll give each child a bag of color-coded jelly beans that each tell part of the gospel story—along with a key they can use to share with others.

8. There great thing about these 6 Easter Giveaways is that kids will use them to share the Easter story—the Gospel—with friends, family, and neighbors.

Easter Messages

9. This Easter Children’s Message is a great way to explain the gospel to children and help them to follow Jesus this Easter!

10. This Easter Children’s Message: Jesus’ Suffering is the perfect way to help children understand that Easter is not an abstract story, but rather something that really and truly happened. After they experience this message, they’ll better understand that Jesus suffered for them.

Easter Crafts

11. These Easter Memory Magnets are an easy craft that preteens will like. And they’ll enjoy the constant reminder that Jesus is risen from the dead!

12. Blooming Crowns is one of our very favorite Easter pins on Pinterest. It’s such an easy way to transform a paper plate to help kids remember a different crown Jesus wore on the cross.

Looking for even more great ideas for Easter? Check out all our Easter posts. And for even more ideas and daily posts of inspiration, follow us on Facebook!

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