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Watch Now: Small Churches Have Big Impact

Small churches have big impact!

As we read the Gospels, we see that Jesus often points to small things when explaining what God’s Kingdom is like. A widow’s small coins, tiny mustard seeds, and even children! And yet it’s easy for us to assume that, when it comes to ministry success, bigger is better.

Perhaps that’s because success is hard to measure! So we look to attendance numbers, the size of our volunteer teams, and even offering totals to discern if we’re leading well.

But what if ministry success is more about meaningful relationships and less about numbers? What if, when it comes to small-church ministry, less really is more?

Unique benefits come with leading few kids. Leaders can know kids—and their families—by name. A small-but-mighty volunteer team can really invest in kids’ lives. And leaders personally see and celebrate each child’s spiritual growth. What a blessing!

Yet we know that challenges come with leading children’s ministries in a small church, too. In this featured webinar, we tackle four challenges head on:

  • Volunteers
  • Multi-age groups
  • Curriculum
  • Budget

Tune in to hear from other small-church children’s ministry leaders as they share insight, encouragement, and personal God Sightings—evidence of God at work in small churches.  Learn how you can still have a big impact in your ministry, even with limited resources.

Plus, learn how a great Sunday school curriculum can help to set you up for success. Receive FREE sample lessons and resources from DIG IN and Simply Loved, two innovative programs that can seamlessly support your small children’s ministry.

Whether you have two kids on Sunday morning or 50, you’ll gain practical insight and encouragement to help you brighten the corner where you are!

Looking for more ideas for small churches? Check out this article!

5 thoughts on “Watch Now: Small Churches Have Big Impact

  1. Good

  2. Evangelical Char les odigie ,

    Thank you so much for your labour of love may God bless you and your entire staff of children’s ministry, we want to mark impact in the life of street children but we have a limited resources, we rae a prayer that God will bless our small church ,so we can do big thing for Christ in the life of street children and families, God is looking for a yielded vessels ,Matthew 18 v 14 .may bless you and your entire family thanks.

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Thank you for your kind words! We love helping lead kids to Jesus each and every day. We are so glad to hear our resources are helping you. God bless you and your ministry!

  3. Christopher Brathwaite

    I am from Barbados in the Caribbean, thanks to my sisters on the other side of the vineyard-I really was bless by the session.
    Being part of FTP Children’s ministry here it is really exciting to serve in my local community Church despite Covid.
    We have set our hearts to do what we can to be there for our children. Encourage to listen to the team that shared. May God continue to bless and strengthen all your respective ministries.

    Christopher from Barbados.

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for your kind words, we enjoy hearing from our friends in ministry. COVID has certainly affected so many churches and we are glad you continue to be there for the children in your ministry. We wish you the best, may God bless you all.

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Watch Now: Small Churches Have Big Im...

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