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Transform Vacation Bible School for Your Most Important Summer Yet!

Here’s a pandemic secret you may not realize: YOU were built for such a time as this! Transform vacation Bible school for your most important summer yet!

God has placed you right here, right now, in this critical global moment to minister to his children. And there may be no more important moment for the joy and relationship of VBS than this. Your children are craving connection, missing friends, hungering for Jesus, and longing for fun!

With all the fears and disruptions from the pandemic, your VBS ministry will be more crucial this year than ever. Your kids really need the hope, reassurance, and abundance of God’s love that you will deliver through the unique ministry of VBS.

Just think of the tagline for this year’s Rocky Railway: “Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through.” What a relevant message right now!

As the pandemic conditions change in the coming months, how you host your VBS may look different. While we know that your regular in-person VBS gathering is the most impactful for your kids, circumstances may lead you to conduct your VBS in a new way, perhaps including online. Or perhaps in smaller social-distanced groupings.

And Group is here to help you adapt. Here’s how:

  • Group’s VBS team is preparing a comprehensive guide for modifying your Rocky Railway VBS to an at-home online experience. This will include best practices for blending technology and hands-on learning to maximize the VBS-at-home experience. You’ll also receive day-by-day tips and modifications. This guide and some additional video will be available for you by MAY 1.
  • Group’s Rocky Railway VBS-at-home guide will also include the copyright permissions for you to use much of the Rocky Railway music and video for an online delivery to your families. The permissions will specify which songs and videos have been cleared from the composers for you to use for an online VBS.
  • In addition to the online helps, Group is providing assistance and guidelines on how to adjust your in-person VBS to be safe and compliant with COVID guidelines. 

Most churches are watching their local conditions, considering back-up VBS dates later in the summer, and preparing for the possibility of a different format VBS, including the at-home option. Some have begun to assemble kits of VBS student materials to drop off at families’ homes.

As we work our way through this pandemic, your kids and their spiritual needs right now, are too important. God will work through you in such a time as this, with your can-do attitude. So, continue to work with your VBS team, make your preparations, plan some back-up contingencies, gather your materials, and pray for God to touch your kids through your VBS in a very special way—during a very different time.

We’re praying for you and the precious children in your community.

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