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Top 30 Articles for Leading Volunteers

From Children’s Ministry Magazine, the most read magazine for people who serve children in the church…here are our top 30 articles for leading volunteers, ranked by the millions of people who come to our site annually!

1. 10 Great Ways to Thank Volunteers Check out what children’s ministers are doing to tangibly thank their volunteers. And discover creative ways you can give your volunteers a positive thank you note.

2. 4 Easy Children’s Ministry Teacher Training Meetings Looking for teacher training meetings your teachers will enjoy and come back to? Use these 4 easy-to-prepare training meetings!

woman3. 3 Devotions to Encourage Your Volunteers Use these 3 devotions to encourage your volunteers in a brief team meeting or full training.

4. 11 Things NOT to Do With a New Volunteer Okay, so you’ve got a new children’s ministry volunteer, what do you do now? Here are 11 things NOT to do with a new volunteer.

5. Sunday School Teacher’s Survival Kit Let your Sunday school teachers know how much you value them with this easy Sunday School Teacher’s Survival Kit (with heart!).

6. Tried & True Recruiting Secrets for Children’s Ministry Veteran children’s ministers share what really works when it comes to recruiting a great volunteer team.


7. How to Be an Effective Volunteer Recruiter In a volunteer recruiting rut? Join our conversation with veteran recruiters to discover their secrets for effective recruiting that stands the test of time!

8. Volunteer Problems: Solved! As a leader, you’ve no doubt had your share of issues related to volunteer management. We tossed a few common issues to volunteer management experts and asked for help. They delivered! Read on for expert, practical advice.

9. 14 Ways to Affirm Volunteers on the Cheap Children’s Ministry Magazine decided to find fantastic ways to affirm volunteers–that don’t break the bank. We went on a special quest to find budget-friendly, unique affirmation gifts and then create ways to say a very special “Thanks!”

10. 10 Best Ways to Ask a Volunteer to Serve You can dramatically increase your chances of hearing the golden words: “Why yes, I’d be honored to serve in the children’s ministry!” — if you implement these “deal-closing” ideas drawn from the world of advertising sales.


11. The Three P’s of Volunteer Affirmation Ministry is a team effort. We’re called to affirm and encourage the volunteers we lead. So how do we make sure this happens? These three P’s can shape your volunteer appreciation efforts.

12. What You Need to Know About Casting Your Recruiting Net Recruitment can be the most difficult and discouraging area of volunteer management—if we try to do it in our time and by our plans. But in God’s time and by God’s plan, it will be done.

13. How to Build an Unstoppable Volunteer Team Almost every role in ministry involves working and interacting with others. Jesus is a great example; he spoke to his disciples through his actions: building connections, partners, success, and balance — and ultimately, value. You can do it yourself, too.



14. 9 Reasons to Fire a Volunteer–and How to Do It Ready! Aim! You’re Fired! Here are 9 reasons you must fire a volunteer—and how to do it.

15. 5 Reasons the Best VBS Teams Come Back Every Year You worked hard to recruit an amazing team of VBS volunteers! How can you ensure they’ll want to join your VBS team again next year (and even throughout the year)?

16. Mugs ‘n’ Muffins Volunteer Appreciation Instead of having one big year-end appreciation luncheon for our volunteers, we have several Mugs ‘n’ Muffins appreciation open houses during the school year. We schedule each Mugs ‘n’ Muffins on a Sunday morning.

17. The Powerful Solution to Your Biggest Volunteer Training Challenge When was the last time you had 100 percent turnout to your volunteer training? 50 percent? 25 percent?

18. How to Elevate Volunteers From “Helping” to Leading Want your volunteers to stay for the long-term? Stop acting like they’re your helpers.


19.  Good, Better, Best: 6 Creative Ways to Affirm Volunteers Use these 6 creative ways to affirm volunteers. You’ll find a good, better, and best option for all six!

20. 61 Ways to Say Thanks to Volunteers  Here are oodles of quick ideas that will help you celebrate and thank your volunteers—from Children’s Ministry Magazine.

21. Training? Are Your Volunteers Ill-Equipped? Are you missing the boat when it comes to volunteer training? Leadership expert Sue Mallory says probably so.

22. 6 Ways to Get More Men Serving in Children’s Ministry Historically, children’s ministry has been predominantly staffed by women. According to George Barna, “Women are almost twice as likely as men” to teach Sunday school. But in our church, we’re evening the odds. Currently, 45 percent of our children’s Sunday school staff is male.

23. Jesus-Style Volunteer Training and Leadership As we focus on relationships, as Christ did, we live out the discipleship approach to volunteer management. This focus on relationships has had long-lasting results in the lives of children, parents, and staff members at the author’s church.



24. The 6 Mistakes That’ll Cost You Volunteers Can’t recruit volunteers or keep the ones you have? You’re not alone. Here’s how to avoid 6 common mistakes that cost you volunteers.

25. Volunteer Training Events No Volunteer Can Resist Getting volunteers to attend volunteer training can be a challenge, but one you can overcome. Your volunteers will love attending training when you follow these tips!

26. 6 Secrets to Olympic-Style Volunteer Training Imagine how strong a children’s ministry volunteer team you could have if you prepared volunteers with an Olympic-style workout program.

27. Recruiting Volunteers as Jesus Did The best method is to look to the Master Recruiter. Jesus recruited a cadre of committed volunteers who in turn recruited others who recruited others-and, well, here we are. Not to belittle God’s grace or the miracle of his work in each of our callings, but there are seven steps we can look at that Jesus used to recruit. Christ’s approach can work for your ministry, too.

28. 6 Steps to Confront and Uncooperative Teacher Sometimes you’d rather put your head behind a pew and hide. But as a children’s minister your responsibility is to serve the needs of your kids…which just might involve rocking that pew a bit.

29. 98 Thank Yous for Volunteers Gracias! Dankeschon! In any language, these ideas will help you say thank you and express your gratitude to volunteers’ hearts!



volunteer-training-130.Get Your FREE Complete Volunteer Training Plan: Connect the Dots Looking for a fantastic volunteer training and affirmation event people will actually attend? Why not do it with a Dynamic Outstanding Training event—DOT! Help your volunteers make connections with one another and hone their ministry skills with this DOT event.

And a Bonus Article! Why Do Your Volunteers Quit? Children’s ministry volunteers are loving, caring people who are…leaving? As much as we strive to recruit and keep them, volunteers all too often make the decision to leave their positions.

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Top 30 Articles for Leading Volunteers

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