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Top 28 Articles for Leading Volunteers

Here are 28 articles full of tips to help you lead your children’s ministry volunteers. 

Leading Volunteers: Affirmation and Encouragement

1. 10 Outstanding Ways to Thank Volunteers

Use these 10 creative ways to thank wonderful volunteers and let them know you appreciate them!

2. 3 Quick and Simple Devotions to Encourage Your Volunteers

Use these 3 devotions to encourage your volunteers in a brief team meeting or full training.

3. 50 Inexpensive Volunteer Affirmation Ideas From the Grocery Store

We’ve compiled 50 inexpensive volunteer affirmation ideas that you can find in your local grocery store. Simply attach a note and voilà!

4. The 3 P’s to Shape Your Volunteer Affirmation Ideas

If you follow these 3 P’s of volunteer affirmation, your volunteers will truly feel appreciated.

5. Ministry Volunteer Appreciation Idea: Mugs ‘n’ Muffins

Here’s a quick and easy volunteer appreciation event you can host throughout the year to thank your amazing volunteers!

6.  Good, Better, Best: 6 Creative Ways to Affirm Volunteers

Use these 6 creative ways to affirm volunteers. You’ll find a good, better, and best option for all six!

7. 60 Ways to Thank Volunteers

Here are oodles of quick ideas that will help you celebrate and say thanks to your volunteers.

8. 98 Ways to Say “Thank You!” to Your Volunteers

Gracias! Dankeschon! In any language, these ideas will help you say thank you and express your gratitude to volunteers’ hearts!

Leading Volunteers: Recruitment

9. 8 Tried and True Recruiting Secrets for Children’s Ministry

Veteran children’s ministers share what really works when it comes to recruiting a great volunteer team.

10. Tips for Effective Volunteer Recruiting

In a volunteer recruiting rut? Join our conversation with veteran recruiters to discover their secrets for effective recruiting that stands the test of time!

11. 10 Best Ways to Ask a Volunteer to Serve

Check out the 10 best ways to ask a volunteer to serve—from an experienced advertising director.

12. What the Bible Says About Casting Your Recruiting Net

Recruiting volunteers can be the most difficult and discouraging area of volunteer management—if we try to do it in our time and by our plans. But in God’s time and by God’s plan, it will be done.

13. 4 Ways to Build an Unstoppable Volunteer Team

Do-it-yourself strategies on building an unstoppable volunteer team—straight from the Carpenter.

14. 5 Reasons the Best VBS Teams Come Back Every Year

You worked hard to recruit an amazing team of VBS volunteers. How can you ensure they’ll want to join your VBS teams year after year?

15. 6 Ways to Get More Men Serving in Children’s Ministry

Use these 6 ways to get more men serving in children’s ministry.

16. 7 Tips for Recruiting Volunteers We Can Learn From Jesus 

Ask children’s ministers what their top three ministry needs are, and 99.9 percent will list volunteer recruitment as one of those three needs. It’s painfully difficult to capture busy people’s affections and time for service in the church these days. So how can children’s ministers be more effective in recruiting volunteers they need?

Leading Volunteers: Training

17. 3 Easy Children’s Ministry Teacher Training Meetings

Looking for teacher training meetings your teachers will enjoy and come back to? Use these 3 easy-to-prepare training meetings!

18. How to Elevate Volunteers From “Helping” to Leading

How to elevate your volunteers from “just helping out” to leadership roles in your ministry.

19. Get Your FREE Complete Volunteer Training Plan: Connect the Dots

Use this fun, unusual training event to make a yearlong impact on your team of volunteers.

20. 5 Ways to Better Equip Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Are you missing the boat when with volunteer training? Leadership expert Sue Mallory says probably so and offers 5 ways to better equip your volunteers.

21. 7 Tips for Jesus-Style Volunteer Training and Leadership

Here’s how to do volunteer training and leadership following in Jesus’ footsteps—regardless of your budget.

22. 7 Ways to Create Irresistible Volunteer Training Events

Getting volunteers to attend volunteer training can be a challenge, but one you can overcome. Your volunteers will love attending training when you follow these tips!

23. 6 Steps to Incorporating Olympic-Style Volunteer Training

What can you learn about children’s ministry volunteer training from Olympic athletes? A lot more than you’d ever imagine!

Leading Volunteers: Management

24. 6 of Your Top Children’s Ministry Volunteer Problems: Solved!

Struggling with tough volunteer problems? Ask the experts who’ll give real solutions!

25. 9 Reasons to Fire a Volunteer—and How to Do It

Letting someone go is tough. But here are 9 reasons you must fire a volunteer—and how to do it.

26. 6 Steps to Confront and Uncooperative Teacher in Your Ministry

Uncooperative teacher or volunteer? Here’s how to know (and how) when it’s time to confront.

27. The 6 Mistakes That’ll Cost You Ministry Volunteers

Can’t recruit volunteers or keep the ones you have? You’re not alone. Here’s how to avoid 6 common mistakes that cost you volunteers.

28. 4 Reasons Why Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers Quit

What’s causing volunteers to quit, to slip out the door of your ministry? And what can you do about it?

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Top 28 Articles for Leading Volunteers

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