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Thanksgiving Table Dressing
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Thanksgiving Table Dressings

Your kids can make a valuable contribution to your church Thanksgiving celebration by preparing Thanksgiving Table Dressings three weeks in advance.

o Three Weeks from Thanksgiving -Have kids paint paper place mats in the harvest colors. Use ears of uncooked, husked corn with holders on each end, one ear for each color paint. Spread newspapers over the workspace. Show kids how to roll the ears of corn through paint poured in cookie sheets with a lipped-edge, then blot the corn on an extra sheet of paper, then have them roll the corn over the place mats. Let each child use several colors of paint to complete a place mat.

o Two Weeks from Thanksgiving -Spread all the dry place mats around the work area. Have children roam around writing or drawing various things they’re thankful for on different place mats.

o One Week from Thanksgiving -Have children create napkin rings by tying dried corn husks around dinner napkins. If possible, allow the kids to set the tables for the celebration.

If your church doesn’t have a Thanksgiving meal, kids can host a “pumpkin pie-fest” as a fund-raiser or service project the week before Thanksgiving, or they can donate the table decorations to a homeless shelter or food program.

Also check out these 22 Thanksgiving ideas for Sunday school!

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Thanksgiving Table Dressings

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