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Thanksgiving Snack: Apple Turkeys

Looking for a delicious Thanksgiving snack that is a little less labor-intensive than an entire Thanksgiving day feast? Kids are sure to gobble up these apple turkeys!

Caution: As always, please be aware of allergies in your classroom. Check to see if any children have allergies to peanut butter. If they do, use marshmallow cream instead and mini marshmallows instead of peanuts. And don’t serve this snack to children 3 and under.

You’ll Need:

  • apples (1 per child)
  • peanut butter (or marshmallow fluff)
  • honey
  • peanuts (or mini marshmallows)
  • chocolate bon-bons

Thanksgiving Snack: Apple Turkeys

For this Thanksgiving snack, give each child an apple. Help children core the apple. Then have the kids mix together peanut butter and honey.

Kids can fill their apple with the peanut butter mixture, leaving a circle of peanut butter on the top. Then have children use peanuts to create tail feathers around one half of the turkey. Lastly, have children add a chocolate bon-bon for the turkey’s head, and enjoy eating their yummy snack.

Here’s an example of a similar apple turkey for reference. You can use the peanut butter and honey mixture to stick nuts or candy or mashmallow together or you can use toothpicks.

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Snack: Apple Turkeys

  1. Deborah Clark

    Do you have a picture of the Apple Turkey Thanksgiving snack you could send me, please? I teach children with disabilities and the visual would be of great help to them.


      Hi Deborah! Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo. However, one recommendation is to build an example ahead of time for your students to view!

  2. I don’t understand Apple Turkey. How about a sketch?

    • Sierra Gomez

      Hi Louise! I was able to find a similar apple turkey in our archives. I added it to the article for reference, while it does not use all the exact same ingredients, it helps give you an idea on how it should look. Thanks!

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Thanksgiving Snack: Apple Turkeys

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