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Thanksgiving Craft: Pennant Pockets

With this Thanksgiving craft, kids raise a victory banner to thank God for what he has done.

You’ll need:

  • Bible (Exodus 17:8-15)
  • felt pennants (assorted colors)
  • hole punch
  • wooden beads with large holes
  • yarn
  • felt shapes
  • tacky glue
  • paper
  • pencils

Thanksgiving Craft: Pennant Pockets

Say: The Bible tells about a battle that Moses and the Israelites won—but only as long as Moses kept his hands in the air. This was Moses’ symbol that he was giving credit to God for the good things God was doing. When the battle was over, listen to what Moses did. Read Exodus 17:8-15Let’s make pennants we can use to lift our praises to God.

  1. Let kids choose two different colored pennants. Help them align the pennants on top of each other and punch holes along the sides about 1 inch apart. Do not hole punch the top (it will be used as a pocket). 
  2. Give two 4-foot pieces of yarn to the kids.
  3. Keeping the pennants stacked on top of each other, kids can lace one piece of yarn through the holes on one side, looping the yarn around the outside edge of the pennants. Make sure kids leave at least 6 inches of extra yarn on both ends.
  4. Repeat on the opposite edge with the second piece of yarn.
  5. Have kids create a hanger for their Thanksgiving crafts by tying together the excess of the yarn at the top. Have kids string the bottom pieces of yarn through several beads and then tie a large knot so that the beads won’t slip off.
  6. Let kids decorate the pennants with felt shapes.

Write a Note

Say: When Moses called God his Banner, he was talking about a flag people waved as they marched into battle. He was thanking God for going before them and winning the battle.


  • What are some ways God has helped you succeed?
  • How can we remember to than God when he helps us?

Distribute the paper and pencils, and have kids write thank you notes to God. Then have kids slip the notes in their pennant pockets.

Say: Take your pennants home to hang on a doorknob or somewhere in your house. Encourage your family to put thank you notes in the pennant pocket. At Thanksgiving dinner, read the thank you notes with your family as you wave your pennant for God.

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Thanksgiving Craft: Pennant Pockets

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