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Thanksgiving Craft for All Ages: Gifts From Above

In this Thanksgiving craft, kids direct their thanks to God as they consider his good and perfect gifts.

Scripture: James 1:17

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • full 8-ounce bottles of water (1 per child)
  • paper towels
  • crepe paper streamers (assorted colors)
  • crayons
  • string
  • thumbtacks

Thanksgiving Craft

Distribute the small water bottles to each child. As kids drink their water, say: Water is one of those things we often take for granted. We drink water every day, and our body needs it to live. But we’re so used to having it that we sometimes forget to thank God for something so simple yet important. Thanksgiving is a time we remember to thank God for all his wonderful gifts.

Once their water bottles are empty, have kids take off the labels and dry out the inside of the bottles as much as possible.

Set out the colored crepe paper streamers. Have kids tear off small pieces, write or draw something they’re thankful for on each piece, crumple the pieces, and place them in their empty water bottles. Challenge kids to fill the bottles with thanks and then replace the caps.

Help kids tie 1-foot strings to the bottlenecks, so at home kids can use thumbtacks to attach the bottles to the ceiling or set them somewhere they pass by every day.

Good and Perfect Gifts

Have kids look at the bottles as you read James 1:17.


  • What good and perfect gifts did you thank God for in your bottle?
  • What reminds you to thank God?

Say: It’s easy to forget to thank God. But since the Bible says everything good and perfect comes from God, it’s important that we thank him for those many gifts. Take your bottle home and hang it or set it in your house where you’ll see it each day. Whenever you look at it, remember to look toward God and thank him.

Looking for more crafts? Check out The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Children (and for preschoolers)! In these books, you’ll find hundreds of craft options to help kids connect with Bible truths memorably. And for more Thanksgiving ideas, check out these posts!

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Thanksgiving Craft for All Ages: Gift...

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