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Terra cotta pot with potting soil and small shovel.
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3 Quick Ideas for Fall That Kids Will Love

Check out these three quick ideas for fall that kids will love. These fun activities and crafts are so cool that they will make you think there is a chill in the air!

3 Quick Ideas for Fall That Kids Will Love

“Lord, You Are”

Lead children in singing this fun, child-sized version of the familiar praise chorus.

Lord, you are, more awesome than all my toys.
Lord, even more than the Wii or Xbox.
Lord, you’re better yet than my virtual pet.
Nope, nothing I desire compares with you!
Lord, your love, is taller than the Sears Tower.
Your love is wider than a giant screen TV.
Lord, your love, is better than anyone’s.
Nope, there’s nothing else I want inside of me.


For ice cream! Summer may be over, but kids’ appetite for ice cream is never over. As kids head indoors, delight them with this fun instant ice cream.

All you need is one quart-sized and one gallon-sized Ziploc bag and the ingredients. Pour 1 cup whole milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1 tablespoon sugar into the quart-sized bag and seal it tightly. Place a dozen ice cubes and 2 tablespoons of table salt in the gallon-sized bag. Put the smaller bag in the larger bag and seal it tightly.

Have kids sit in a circle and carefully toss the plastic bag to one another, shaking it vigorously for at least 30 seconds each time they catch it. Add lively music in the background and play a game of “Cold Ice Cream” while they toss it. When the music stops, the child caught holding the bag has to stand in the center of the circle, hold the bag, and jump around for 15 seconds. Then play again.

In 10 minutes, the ice cream will begin to form ice crystals. Serve the ice cream when it’s soft-serve consistency. Makes 2 1/2-cup servings, so you’ll have to make enough bags for everyone to get some ice cream.

New Life Pots

This quick idea for fall will allow kids to give away these plants full of beautiful promise.

Have kids fill 4-inch terra-cotta pots halfway with pebbles or soil. Then plant a paperwhite narcissus bulb in the pebbles or soil with the lower half of the bulb covered. Water to the top of the soil or stones. Cover the bulb with peat moss. Write these instructions on a slip of paper: “Keep moist. Keep at room temperature in bright light. Avoid direct sunlight.” Attach a slip to each pot.

Have kids deliver these pots to people who live around your church building. As they deliver their pots, have them tell that they’re from your church and that they just want to show others that God loves them and wants to give them new life.

Looking for more fall ideas? Check these out!

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3 Quick Ideas for Fall That Kids Will...

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