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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Celebrating Father’s Day

Use this free Sunday school lesson with preteens to help them honor their fathers on Father’s Day. This Sunday school lesson is based on 2 Timothy 1:1-7. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Celebrating Father’s Day

1. Pairs Matchup

Before children arrive, think of several pairs of words like salt and pepper, bread and butter, or bat and ball. Write each word on a separate 3X5 card. When children arrive, tape a card to the back of each child. Have the children ask questions about the item on their back to discover what the item is. Then have them each find their match. Children with matching pairs become partners.

2. A Famous Bible Pair

Read aloud 2 Timothy 1:1-7 to tell about a famous New Testament pair: Paul and Timothy. Explain that we don’t know much about Timothy’s father. Note that he may have died or just not lived with the family. He also may not have been a Christian. Explain that Paul regarded Timothy as a spiritual son. After the Bible story, have pairs create a definition of a good earthly father and a good spiritual father.

3. If I Were a Father

Read the following situations one at a time. With their partners, have children discuss what they’d do in that situation if they were a father. After each situation, have children report what they’d do.

The situations:

  • My children have had a rough day at school today.
  • I’ve caught my son lying to me for the fourth time this week.
  • My 12-year-old daughter wants to date an 18-year-old guy.
  • My son is still struggling in school.

Afterward, ask:

  • How easy or difficult was it to answer these questions?
  • Did you and your partner agree or disagree on these questions? Explain.
  • How easy or difficult is it to be a father?
  • What could you do to show your appreciation to your father on Father’s Day?

4. Super Tops for Dads

Give each child a painter’s or baseball cap. Provide an assortment of paint pens, glitter, and fabric paints. Have children each decorate a cap for their father or another important man in their lives.

5. Food for Thought

You’ll need:

  • gingerbread man cookie cutters
  • sandwich bread
  • blunt knives
  • peanut butter
  • cream cheese
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • chocolate chips
  • decorator sprinkles
  • cups
  • milk

Have children use the cookie cutters to cut out man shapes from the bread. Encourage children to use the spreads and toppings to decorate their “fathers.”

Serve with milk or fruit juice. As children eat, have them describe the characteristics of a great father.

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2 thoughts on “Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Celebrating Father’s Day

  1. Delrene Richards

    Great lesson idea. Thank you. God bless you and your team

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