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girl creating craft for Jesus' love twirlers
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Preteen Craft on Jesus’ Love: The Prodigal Son

In this craft, kids will make “decotropes” (pictures they can twirl) that always show a heart, representing Jesus’ love.

Scripture: Luke 15:11-32

You’ll need:
Easy Prep

Make a sample craft to show kids.

Jesus’ Love Twirlers

Make a Twirler

Distribute a “Twirlers” handout to each child.

Have kids color the top set of circles. They should use the same color for the hearts but different colors for the backgrounds. This is a great time to show kids your sample so they can see the end result they’re going for.

Have kids fold their handouts along the dotted line and cut out the top set of circles. They’ll want to keep the circles connected where the fold is.

Next, have kids unfold their circles and tape a straw in the center of one of the circles, flattening the part of the straw that will be in between the circles. To secure the circles together, kids will use a glue stick and then fold the circles back together.

Have kids place their twirlers between their palms and spin them by rubbing their palms back and forth.

If time allows, kids can make a second twirler using the second set of circles on the handout.

Talk About It


  • What did you notice when you twirled your twirler?

Say: No matter how you twirled your twirler, you could always see the heart. That reminds us of how Jesus loves us. No matter how turned around we get, we can trust that Jesus loves us no matter what. In the story Jesus told, the lost son got very turned around! But when he came back home, his dad still loved him—no matter what. That’s what Jesus’ love is like!

Encourage kids to take their crafts home and show a family member or friend what the twirler reveals about God’s love.

Want more craft ideas like this one? Check out Group’s Makerific WOWS!: 54 Surprising Bible Crafts (ages 8-12). You can also look through these articles.

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Preteen Craft on Jesus’ Love: T...

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