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devotion on fear
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Free Devotion on Fear: Pop! Goes Our Weakness


This dynamite devotion on fear teaches kids that when we’re weak, Jesus is strong. With this knowledge, why would any Christian ever worry?

Verses to View: 2 Corinthians 12:9-12

Tools: You’ll need a Bible, balloons, a black permanent marker, straight pins, transparent tape, and a paper towel with one end dipped in vegetable oil.

Devotion on Fear: Before class, inflate and tie off two balloons. Draw a smiley face on one balloon and a sad face on the other. Now here is the key to this slick trick: stick one two-inch piece of transparent tape to the side of the happy-face balloon. Be sure the tape is stuck tightly to the balloon!

Place the balloons, the paper towel with vegetable oil, and a straight pin on a table. Hold up the sad-face balloon.

Say: I’d like you to meet Mr. Worried N. Weak. Mr. Worried N. Weak has a lot of troubles, and he’s sure no one can help.

Ask: What are things that make you worried or weak?

Hold up the straight pin. Say: Let’s pretend this pin represents all the things that make us feel weak with worry or fear or sadness. What do you think will happen to Mr. Worried N. Weak when trouble poke at him?

Let kids tell you that Mr. Worried N. Weak will pop, then hold the balloon away from your face and stick it with the pin. Say: Whammo! Mr. Worried N. Weak explodes in a jillion pieces — or at least feels like he’s exploded. What Mr. Worried N. Weak needs is someone to help keep him strong and “unpoppable.” Let’s see if the Bible tells us who is strong when we’re weak.

Read aloud 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Ask: Who’s our strength? How can we stay strong when we feel weak or fearful or worried?

Say: When we allow Jesus to carry our troubles, we become strong instead of weak — and troubles can’t make us explode. Wipe the pin with vegetable oil. Then hold up the happy-face balloon and gently push the pin through the center of the tape. The balloon will not explode.

Say: Voila! When we give our weakness to Jesus, we’re unpoppable and unstoppable! See how happy Mr. Worried N. Weak is now? But I think he needs a new name. Let younger kids suggest names for the happy balloon.

Demostrate the trick once more using a new balloon, then explain how it works. If you have time, allow the children to try it. Remind children to use tape on the balloon to keep it from popping. Then encourage the children to perform this devotion for family and friends and to tell people that when we’re weak. Jesus makes us strong.

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Free Devotion on Fear: Pop! Goes Our ...

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