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Instead of “he loves me, he loves me not” with a diminishing
daisy, make construction paper daisies. For each child, write his
or her first name in the middle, and sign your name on one of the
petals. Help children write the names of people they’re at peace
with on the other petals — Jesus, parents, grandparents, people at
church, friends. Talk about ways people keep peace between
themselves, such as solving disputes, talking instead of using
violence, and serving one another.

Read aloud Romans 14:19. Ask: What things can we do to be at
peace with the people whose names may not be on our daisies? What
can we do to build up these people?
Form a circle and say a prayer thanking God for peace and asking
him to help the children be at peace with everyone.

Play a game where children find partners who have something in
common with them-same color shoes, likes chocolate ice cream, or
has been to Disneyland. Have kids report the things they have in

Now have everyone find a partner who’s different in some way —
a boy and a girl might pair up, or one child who likes spinach
might join one who doesn’t. Have kids report the differences. Then
have children find something in common with their current
Ask: What does peace feel like? look like?

Read aloud Romans 15:5-7. Ask: What do these verses have to do
with peace? How easy or difficult is it to accept people who are
different from us? like us? If people obeyed these verses, how
would that help them be at peace with others?

Have each child tell a partner a story about a time he or she made
peace during a conflict situation. Have the listening partners
retell the stories to everyone, including as much detail as
possible. Build understanding by asking the listener questions to
get more information about the original teller. Help children
understand that being a good listener is important to having
peaceful relationships.

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Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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