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Mother’s Day: Free Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Mother’s Day is an important holiday. Moms and mother figures work hard all year and deserve to be celebrated! Although it can be a sensitive holiday for some, it’s helpful to guide your preschoolers in appreciating and thanking the supportive women in their lives.

Preschoolers will love this Bible lesson as they sing a song, learn about a mother-figure in the Bible, and make cards and gifts for their mothers.

Mother’s Day Fingerplay: Hand in Hand

You’ll Need:

  • classroom toys

Do This:

Say: It’s Mother’s Day! So it’s the day we celebrate that God made moms. Let’s do a fingerplay to remember how much our moms do. Read the following poem a few times, leading kids in the motions.

God, bless my mom. (make praying hands)

She makes life fun. (wiggle fingers)

She works all day. (pound fist into palm of opposite hand)

She’s never done! (switch hands and keep pounding)

She’s loved so much, (make a heart with both hands)

Please let her know, (make praying hands)

As hand in hand, (hold hands together)

Through life we go. (“walk” two fingers on opposite palm)

After the fingerplay, allow about 10 minutes for guided free play where you encourage kids to pretend to be their moms. Ask kids to show you what their moms do for them. They might use the play kitchen in your class to prepare food, they might drive toy cars, and so on. Throughout, repeat the point, saying: God made your mom. Also ask simple questions as kids pretend. You might get some inspiration from modern-day versions of things moms do as listed in Proverbs 31.

Mother’s Day Songs: Songs About Moms

You’ll Need:

Do This:

Say: It’s Mother’s Day! God made moms. So let’s find out about a mom named Sarah in the Bible.

Read Genesis 21:1-3.

Then say: Wow! Sarah had a baby boy named Isaac. Let’s sing a song about her.

Sing this song to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me,” repeating to fill in each child’s name.

Sarah loves her baby boy;

Isaac was a gift to her.

She praised God for her new son;

He was such a gift from God.


Yes, she loves Isaac,

Oh, Sarah loves him.

Yes, she loves Isaac,

He was a gift from God.


We praise God for little [insert child’s name];

His [or her] mommy is praising God.

Little [insert child’s name] is loved by God;

He [or she] is such a gift from God.


Yes, God loves [insert child’s name],

Oh, God does love him [or her].

Yes, God loves [insert child’s name].

His [or her] mommy loves him [or her], too.


Say: Singing is fun! Let’s sing another song for Mother’s Day. This one is about how God gives us all families. (See Psalm 68:6.)

Sing this song to the tune of “The Muffin Man” several times to fill in each child’s name.

Oh, do you know my family, my family, my family?

Oh, do you know my family,

God sent to care for me?

Oh, do you know my name is [insert child’s name],

My name is [insert child’s name],

My name is [insert child’s name]?

Oh, do you know my name is [insert child’s name]?

God gave us family!

Mother’s Day Bible Lesson: Follow Naomi

You’ll Need:

Do This:

Spread several pieces of paper around the room, close enough so kids can step from one to another in different orders.

Have one child play the role of Naomi.

Say: It’s Mother’s Day! And God made moms. Another mom in the Bible is Naomi. Naomi was Ruth’s mother-in-law. That’s like an extra mom you get when you get married. Ruth wanted to follow Naomi. Let’s play a game to follow Naomi, our mother.

Have “Naomi” step on two papers. The rest of the kids will line up where the paper trail starts, and the first child will ask, “Mother, may I follow you?”

Naomi will say yes and let that child start following her across the papers, stepping on the same ones Naomi does. All the other kids will follow in a line.

Give all kids a chance to play Naomi if possible.

Talk With Kids:


  • What do you like to do with your mom?

Say: God made moms! We can follow them and do things with them just like Ruth stayed with Naomi. This Mother’s Day, remember to obey your mom and spend time with her.

Mother’s Day Card: Hands With a Heart

You’ll Need:

  • washable paints
  • large paintbrushes
  • baby wipes
  • construction paper
  • markers
  • warm soapy water

Do This:

Say: God made moms! Let’s make fun presents to show how much we love our moms.

Help little ones create this heartwarming keepsake for their moms on Mother’s Day.

Use paintbrushes to paint the palms of little ones’ hands. Then guide their hands to leave a heart-shaped imprint on the paper. Next, place the palm prints so they overlap, with the fingers sticking out in opposite directions like the tops of a heart.

When the paint dries, have volunteers write at the top of the page, “Mommy, thank you for giving me your heart! Happy Mother’s Day!”

Mother’s Day Craft: Flowers for Mommy

You’ll Need:

  • coffee filters
  • cupcake liners
  • sponge-capped squeeze bottles
  • food coloring
  • water
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • glue sticks

Do This:

Say: I’m so glad God made moms. A lot of moms like pretty flowers!

Help little ones create this pretty flower bouquet as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Fill the squeeze bottles with water and food coloring. To make the flowers, let kids sponge the colored water onto the coffee filters and cupcake liners.

As kids wait for the flowers to dry, they can play.

Once the flowers dry, help preschoolers glue them onto a piece of construction paper.

Next, write on the top of each child’s paper, “God made beautiful flowers and beautiful mommies! Happy Mother’s Day!”

Say: God made moms. Let’s thank him for making moms.

Pray: God, thank you for making moms to love us and take care of us. We’re so glad to celebrate them on Mother’s Day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Set aside the crafts to give to moms when they pick up their children.

Want even more Mother’s Day help? Moms will love this special luncheon just for them. And don’t miss our checklist to make sure you’re ready for Mother’s Day! You can also find great Mother’s Day crafts here!

Plus, help your moms connect with this awesome curriculum just for mothers! Or you can check out this easy resource to get a moms ministry started.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Free Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

  1. Judy E. Williams

    THANKS for sharing the practical, hands-on, Bible-based ideas for talking about Mother’s Day with children. They certainly are rooted in Scripture, include opportunities for children to sing, pray, and do. Maybe, you could also include Mommies tell us about Jesus, our Savior, who loves us so much He came to be our Savior, who lived, was hurt, died and came alive again for us.
    Jesus had a mommy, too….

    • Sierra Archuleta

      We are so happy you enjoyed our free Mother’s day lesson! We truly appreciate your kind words and we love feedback from our friends in ministry.

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