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Manners: Ages 4 and 5

A quick primer to develop little Miss and Mr.
Manners of your kids.

1. Kindness Crowns-Draw a crown outline on yellow
construction paper for each child. Help children cut out their
crowns. Set out star stickers or crayons for children to decorate
their crowns.

As children are working, say: These are kindness crowns to
show that you belong to God’s kingdom.

Help kids each staple the ends of their crown together so they can
wear it during class.

2. Golden Rule-When the crowns are completed, march around
the room and have the children follow you as they chant, “We’re
kids of the King!”

Then have children sit in a circle. Read aloud Luke 6:31.
Say: God wants kids to love each other. We can show love
by using good manners. When we’re polite at the table, when we
answer the phone nicely or when we don’t interrupt other people as
they’re talking, we’re using good manners. Using good manners is
treating other people the way we like to be treated. And this makes
God happy!

3. Party MannersSay: Let’s plan a birthday party
for the king! Appoint a host or hostess. Encourage kids to help
plan decorations, games and other birthday party things. Provide
blown-up balloons and streamers for kids to decorate the

Help children use imaginative play to practice good manners in the
party setting. Look for these manners: host or hostess greeting the
other children, guests offering a birthday greeting and an
imaginary gift, saying, “Yes, please” or “No, thank you” when
offered cake and ice cream, and the guests thanking the host or
hostess when the party is over.

Serve cake and ice cream and encourage kids to use their best
manners as they pass plates and as they eat. Remind them that one
good table manner is not talking with food in their mouth.

After the party is over, praise the children for their good

5. Napkin rings-From paper towel tubes, cut 2-inch-wide
rings. Cut enough rings for children to each make a napkin ring for
everyone in their family. Have children glue pre-cut fabric or
paper shapes to the tubing strips. Show the children how to roll up
a paper or cloth napkin and slip it through the ring. Say:
Give these napkin rings to your family. As you eat, remember to
practice your good manners.

Have children hold hands in a circle. Then pray: Thank
you, God, for letting us show our love in good manners. Amen.

Debbie Trafton O’Neal is a teacher in Washington. She has
worked with children for 15 years.


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Manners: Ages 4 and 5

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