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Light of the World Children’s Message

A great children’s message that’ll teach kids that the Light of the World can be the light of their life…especially when they are afraid of the dark.

Theme: Christmas

Text: Luke 2:1-20

Preparation: You’ll need a small flashlight for each child or a pretend candle made from construction paper with a tissue paper flame.

The Message: Who’s afraid of the dark sometimes? What makes you feel afraid when it’s dark? If someone turns on a light when you’re feeling afraid in the darkness, how do you feel?

(Have the children cover their eyes while they try to stand and touch the shoulder of someone near them.)

You may open your eyes now and touch your friend’s shoulder.

(Have children sit down.)

Which way was easier to find your friend — in the dark or in the light? Why do we need light?

I have a story to tell you about some people who were looking for a very important kind of light. This story is found in the Bible and tells about the birth of a very special baby who was born to be the light of the world. (Paraphrase the Scripture.)

I have a little light for each of you to take with you so you can remember to let Jesus’ light shine through you. After I give you a light, turn it on and we’ll sing “This Little Light of Mine.” (After singing one verse, send the children back to their seats carrying their lights while singing the song.)

Barbie Murphy Loveland, Colorado

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