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3 Meaningful Ideas Families Can Do at Home to Celebrate the Last Supper

You can create an awesome Easter experience for families during the COVID-19 pandemic with these great ideas! To commemorate the Last Supper, families can use these ideas on the eve of Good Friday to focus on what Jesus did for us.

As Jesus and his disciples shared a meal together, Jesus gave them a new commandment — to love one another. Along with stressing the importance of relationships, Jesus blessed the wine and bread and washed the disciples’ feet. Teach kids the importance of relationships and service with this Maundy Thursday event that includes a blooming gift, a special act, and a gracious meal.

Last Supper Idea #1: Blooming Friendship

Kids can create these flowerpots to give away as a springtime gift to elderly neighbors.

You’ll Need:

  • Small terra cotta pots,
  • permanent markers,
  • puffy paint,
  • potting soil,
  • packets of springtime flowers such as marigolds or violets, and
  • fliers

Create It

Kids can use markers to write on the pot, “Love one another (John 13:34)” and then use puffy paint to decorate the pots. When the paint is dry, plant flowers in the pots. Encourage kids to invite their neighbors to attend church services, too. Provide a flier containing service times and dates.

Last Supper Idea #2: Hand-to-Hand

When kids have finished planting, there’s no doubt their hands will be dirty. Use this hand-washing activity to remind them of how Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet.

You’ll Need:

  • Tubs of warm water,
  • liquid hand soap, and
  • towels

Experience It

Paraphrase John 13:1-17. Then have kids find a partner and wash each other’s hands. Remind them how Jesus humbly washed his disciples’ feet on Maundy Thursday. As kids each wash their friend’s hands, have them scrub each finger and pray the following for their friend.

  • Thumb: Pray for your friend to reach out and share Jesus with someone this spring.
  • Pointer Finger: Pray for someone who’s important to your friend.
  • Middle Finger: Pray for your friend to be surrounded with love.
  • Ring Finger: Pray that your friend’s commitment to Jesus grows every day.
  • Pinky Finger: Pray for a weakness in your friend’s life, that Jesus will provide strength.

Last Supper Idea #3: Friendship Meal

Close your evening with a meal shared together. Sit at one table. Form groups (a group can be one person), and have each group serve one portion of the meal. For example, have one group serve drinks and utensils, while other groups serve bread and butter, the main course, and dessert. After the meal, talk about the friendship quality each person values most in others at the table. Close with a prayer, asking God to help you show kindness to others and thanking him for the relationships he’s provided.

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