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A preschool boy smiles at a FROG festival.
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FROG Festival Ideas for Preschoolers

Celebrate fall kickoff with your preschoolers with a hoppin’ happy FROG (Fully Rely On God) festival! As you play the games and eat the snacks, remind kids to fully rely on God this year!

FROG Festival for Preschoolers

FROG Flippers

Purchase foam visors and let kids go crazy decorating them to look like frogs. All you need is glue, large googly eyes, green pompoms, and red foam.

Lily Pad Cookies

Let kids decorate round or oblong cookies with green icing and gumdrop frogs.

Pond Scum Punch

This ooey gooey green punch will delight your preschoolers. All you need is two liters of ginger ale, one large container of frozen lemonade, one large can of pineapple juice, and one quart of lime sherbet. Stir everything together, and serve on ice.


Let kids go outside to gather rocks that they’ll transform into frogs. Just supply the paint, glue, googly eyes, and red yarn or ribbon for tongues.

Stick the Tongue on the Frog

This version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey is great for preschoolers. Just draw or create a paper frog to stick on the wall, then blindfold kids and let them try to place paper tongues on the frog. For even more fun, use Sticky Hands vinyl toys (available at discount stores) for the tongues.

Flick the Frog on the Lily Pad

This hilarious game is just right for preschoolers. Fill a plastic swimming pool with water and place green foam “lily pads” on the water. (Simply cut large lily pad shapes out of 8 ½ x 11 pieces of craft foam.) The challenge is for kids to toss plastic frogs onto the lily pads. Requires adult supervision.


Cap your froggy event with a frog cake. Just use regular cake mix, but bake it in a large oven-proof bowl. Make sure it’s baked all the way through the center. Once the rounded cake is cooled, decorate it with green icing. Use large marshmallows to create the eyes, green gumdrops for warts, and red licorice strips for the tongue.

Beth Stradling
Armburst, Pennsylvania

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FROG Festival Ideas for Preschoolers

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