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A mom and daughter sitting on a couch looking at something written on a popsicle stick as they talk about family roles.
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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: God’s Design for Family Roles

Use this preteen Sunday school lesson to help kids learn about God’s design of family roles for their family. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

1. Bible Activity: Footsteps

Use shoes to represent family roles—Dad, Mom and kids. Write the following verses on paper strips. Put the strips in the appropriate shoe:

Form three groups and give one shoe to each group. Have groups read their verses to discover that family member’s role in the family. After groups are done, have a representative hold that group’s shoes and tell what his or her group learned.

2. Craft: Family Garlands

Lay apples on their side and cut 1/4-inch-thick slices. Using small gingerbread cookie cutters, have kids cut out an apple shape for each person in their family. With a thread and needle, have kids delicately thread through one side of each gingerbread person and out the other side-staying away from the edges. Once kids have their entire “family” on a thread, have them lay their garland on a piece of cardboard to take home. Tell kids to let their garland lie in a dry, cool, dark place until the apples are dry.

3. Snack

You’ll need:

  • fortune cookies
  • slips of paper
  • pencils
  • sandwich bags

Have kids write each family member’s name and an encouraging note on a slip of paper. For example, kids may write, “Mom, thanks for making such good meals for me.” Help younger children write their notes. Insert each of the slips into a different fortune cookie—one to give to each family member. Then have kids put their cookies in a sandwich bag to take home. Let kids eat the leftover cookies.

4. For All Ages

Get families together for a Family Appreciation Dessert. Children can make and serve a simple dessert such as brownie sundaes or decorated cakes. Kids can present handmade awards and tell why they love each family member.

Contributors: Nancy Paulson, Cindy Newell, Heather Ward, Walter Norvell

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Preteen Sunday School Lesson: GodR...

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