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A mom signing her preteen up at an event registration table.
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6 Helpful Event Registration Tips for Your Preteen Events

Looking to host an event for your preteens? Always remember to follow these important registration tips for special events.

Registration Tip 1. Involvement Opportunities

Provide a list of ways parents can help with your special event. Do you need drivers? small group leaders? a decorating crew? Provide a space for parents to check where they’d like to help, and then call them immediately after receiving the form. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the talent you’ll uncover.

Registration Tip 2. Scholarship Donations

For events requiring a fee, ask parents to consider including a few extra dollars as a donation toward another child’s scholarship.

Registration Tip 3. “Goes By” Names

This takes the guesswork out of whether it’s “Matthew” or “Matt.” Calling a preteen by the wrong name can be devastatingly embarrassing for the child.

Registration Tip 4. Choice of Friends

Ask preteens to each select two friends they’d like to be grouped with (in cars, cabins, or small groups). Requesting an adult leader counts as one choice. Then guarantee kids one of their two requests.

Registration Tip 5. Shirt Size

If you include T-shirts in your event, ask for the preteen’s size. Early registration can be a guide for projecting your total T-shirt order.

Registration Tip 6. Disclaimers

Alert parents of your refund policy in writing. Most churches allow three periods: a time when they permit full refunds, a partial-refund period, and a nonrefundable time. Having a nonrefundable deposit helps you project attendance and secures a commitment from participants. Also inform preteens and parents that if a child’s behavior results in being sent home from the event, no refund will be issued.

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