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A boy with his back to the camera is sitting on the ground with some cut-out palm leaves.
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Easy Elementary Easter Game: Palm Sunday Relay

Use this easy elementary Easter game, Palm Sunday relay, to get children excited about Jesus’ triumphal entry.

You’ll also need:

  • palm branches (possibly left over from your Palm Sunday service)
  • old T-shirts
  • a carpeted playing surface

Before the game, designate a start and finish line, and divide kids into teams of five to 10.

Rules for the Palm Sunday Relay:

1. Each team consists of one “donkey” (a bigger child), one “Jesus” (a smaller child), and three to eight townspeople.

2. The children chosen to be Jesus ride their donkey team member from the start line to the finish line.

3. Townspeople pick up branches or shirts after the team’s donkey passes over them and put them in front again. Townspeople yell “Hosanna” as they run with the branches or T-shirts.

4. The donkeys can only move ahead if their “feet” are on shirts or palm branches that the townspeople lay down in front of them.

Ruth Lundblad
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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2 thoughts on “Easy Elementary Easter Game: Palm Sunday Relay

  1. Teddy J C Davies Sr

    I am a children pastor who needs more education on the ministry. This is my life with my church. Can you help me with more knowledge and training.
    Our children today need Jesus. Help me.

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi Teddy! We would love to help you with additional Children’s Ministry knowledge and training. On our website at the very top we have a “Leader Resources” section where you can learn more about topics such as classroom management, planning events, budgeting and more! We also offer a Children’s Ministry certification through GroupU on our parent site Many blessings to you and your ministry!

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Easy Elementary Easter Game: Palm Sun...

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