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An older elementary-aged brother and sister work on a Easter craft together.
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Family Ministry Outreach Event: Easter Morning Station

Create a path of faith discovery for kids and their families with this Easter Morning Station. View all stations in The Easter Path here.

The Preparation

Host: Farmer

Materials: A table set for breakfast, a wooden cross wrapped with chicken wire, a bucket of long-stemmed fresh flowers, a candle or glow stick for each person, a Bible, a CD with soft praise music, and a CD player

The Scene: This station should be in a bright, well-lit room. Place the cross and fresh flowers away from the breakfast table. Place candles or glow sticks near the exit door. Play music in the background.

Experience: Have the host enthusiastically greet families as they enter the station. Greetings such as “Good morning! It’s a brand-new day!” and “Happy Easter!” will help set the scene.

Gather families around the breakfast table and say: What a great day for you to join us! Don’t you just love mornings? Everything is new again! And on Easter morning we’re reminded that God makes all things new. Jesus beat death on Easter—he was raised from the dead to forgive our sins and give us a new life.

The Conversation

Read aloud John 3:16-21. Ask: What does it mean that Jesus gives us new life? How do you feel when you get something new? How are those feelings similar to the way you feel if Jesus has given you new life?

Have families move to the cross. Tell them that the cross is a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and of the new life we can have because of Easter. Have each family member place a flower in the chicken wire to create a beautiful floral cross.

Gather families for a closing near the exit. Read aloud Matthew 5:14-16. Say: We learned earlier today that Jesus is the light of the world—that’s great news to share. Jesus doesn’t want us to hide his light from others—he asks us to share it with others. As you leave today, take this light as a reminder to let your light shine for Jesus.

Give family members each a candle or glow stick as they leave.

View all stations in The Easter Path here.

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Family Ministry Outreach Event: Easte...

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