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deck the halls christmas decorations
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Deck the Halls: 10 DIY Christmas Decorations for Children’s Ministry

What happens when you combine Christmas, a VBS decorator, and children’s ministry spaces? You get 10 amazingly creative, over-the-top, and super affordable Christmas decorations to delight kids of all ages.

Perhaps you’ve seen how Group VBS inspires directors to transform church buildings and captivate kids’ imaginations each summer at VBS. From a rockin’ weekend with Outback Rock, to underwater Scuba experiences, to a Bible-times adventure in Hometown Nazareth, Group’s VBS Decorating Designer has a knack for cooking up creative and crafty decorations using everyday items.

So we gave her a Christmas challenge—create 10 over-the-top Christmas decorations using mostly materials from children’s ministry supply closets. Then capture and describe how children’s ministry leaders can create their own versions to delight their kids and families this Christmas.

And boy did she deliver! We’re thrilled to share 10 Christmas decorating ideas with you. Consider sprucing up your Christmas trimmings with these merry and bright decorations to invite kids to truly celebrate Jesus’ birth.

1. Tubular Christmas Tree

Tired of fluffing fake Christmas tree branches? Or perhaps you just don’t have room for a Christmas tree this year. Try this tubular tree instead! Wrapping paper and wrapping paper tubes stack on a 4-foot dowel to make this whimsical giving tree.

You’ll need:

  • wrapping paper in shades of green
  • wrapping paper tubes (or paper towel tubes)
  • ½-inch dowel 4 feet long, painted green
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • flowerpot
  • floral foam
  • hot glue (optional)

Step 1. Begin by laying out the tubes and trimming them to create a tree shape. If needed, tape tubes together to create longer lengths.

Step 2. Once tubes are shaped like a Christmas tree, determine a pattern and wrap each tube with festive wrapping paper.

Step 3. Find the center of each tube and use scissors to make an “X” on the center top and bottom so the dowel can pass through.

Step 4. Stack tubes one at a time onto the dowel. Glue or tape tubes to keep them from sliding.

Step 5. Put floral foam in the flowerpot and turn the flowerpot upside down so the opening is facing the ground. Then push the dowel through the flowerpot and into the foam. (You may need to drill a hole in the flowerpot.)

2. Boxed-Up Christmas Decorations

That’s a wrap! Boxes, bows, and letters stack up to remind kids what’s at the heart of Christmas.

You’ll need:

  • cardboard boxes
  • wrapping paper and/or butcher paper
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • bows, garland, or any decoration that contrasts with the wrapping paper
  • chalk

Step 1. Wrap boxes like Christmas presents.

Step 2. Paint or attach words onto the boxes.

Tip: If you’re wrapping really large boxes, consider wrapping them in butcher paper first and attach wrapping paper only onto the front of the box.


3. Advent Luminaries

Let’s face it, lighting advent candles in children’s ministry classrooms can be a little nerve-racking. Instead, light up these Advent Luminaries each week of Advent as these Christmas decorations help kids look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth.

You’ll need:

Step 1. Use a marker to trace stars onto each tube.

Step 2. Use a utility knife or jigsaw to cut out the stars.

Step 3. If you’d like, paint the tubes to match traditional Advent candle colors. You’ll need three purple, one pink, and one white.

Step 4. Cut tissue paper squares to cover the star shapes. Then, on the inside of the tubes, attach tissue paper over each star shape.

Step 5. Cut tissue paper circles just bigger than the top of each tube and glue them onto the top rims.

Step 6. Place each tube over a light on the floor.

We’re just getting started! Find seven more DIY Christmas decorations for children’s ministry in this FREE download.



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