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A plastic babydoll in a manager filled with paper straw during a Christmas celebration.
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3 Christmas Celebration Ideas for this Holiday Season

Use these three Christmas celebration ideas, crafts, and more from children’s ministers just like you to make your holiday season special.

Christmas Celebration Idea 1: Nativity Tour

Invite the families in your church to bring in their nativity sets from home. Set up the nativity sets on tables covered with tablecloths and candles. Make place cards with each family’s name by their set. Play Christmas music. Between worship services encourage families to see the different interpretations of Christ’s birth.

Shelly Halverson
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Christmas Celebration Idea 2: Still-Life Nativity

At our Christmas Eve candlelight service, the children sang “Away in a Manger.” Two children portrayed Mary and Joseph. We shone a light on Mary and Joseph; the rest of the children’s choir held electric candles and stood to the left of the still-life nativity scene.

To add to the “holy” atmosphere, I made stencils of a star and an angel. Then I projected them onto the wall above the still-life nativity with an overhead projector. It looked like the star and angel were shining over the stable in Bethlehem. It was a very simple concept, but the effect was beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Janice Knapp
North Lawrence, Ohio

Christmas Celebration Idea 3: Nail Ornament

With this craft, children can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

You’ll need:

  • concrete nails
  • and red ribbon.

Have children tie the ribbon around the nail head and tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot so the ribbon forms a loop.

Talk about how the babe in the manger was not only born for us, but he was born to die for us. Tell children that when they hang their ornaments on their trees, they can remember that Jesus died on a tree for us.

Lynette Edmondson
Dickson, Tennessee

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