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An elementary boy with a small smirk is wearing a cowboy hat and a bandana around his neck.
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Elementary and Preteen Bible Skit: Showdown at Mount Carmel

This Bible skit from 1 Kings 18:16-40, is a great way to put a western twist on the story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal.

The Scene: a desert

The Simple Setup: You’ll need no furniture on the stage; an open area where it’s easy for your actors to move around is best.

For Extra Impact: Provide cowboy hats and bandanas for the main characters.

The Bible Skit Characters

Narrator: a cowboy storyteller

Ahab: a boy to play the bad guy

Elijah: a boy to play the hero

Children of Israel: children willing to bow

False Prophets: children willing to dance

After you’ve assigned the roles of Ahab and Elijah, form the rest of your children into two groups: the Children of Israel, and the False Prophets.

As the skit begins, Elijah is at stage left and everyone else at stage right. Tell children that this is a Western version of what happened; they’re speaking with a Western drawl.

Elementary and Preteen Bible Skit: Showdown at Mount Carmel

Narrator: Sometimes you’ve just gotta show people the truth. That’s the situation ol’ Elijah found himself in. The people of Israel had turned their backs on God and were worshipping false gods, and God figured to use Elijah to get their attention. Our story opens with King Ahab callin’ out Elijah.

Ahab: Elijah! Is that you, you old troublemaker?

Elijah: It shore enough is, you sidewinder. You’ve been leadin’ the people away from God and causing all the trouble yourself.

Ahab: I’m the king! How dare you talk to me like that?

Elijah: Dare? That’s a grade-A idea you got there. I’m callin’ you out, Ahab! Go round up your prophets of Baal and meet me up on Mount Carmel for a showdown.

Ahab: You think you can take on my 450 prophets all by yourself? You been sittin’ in the sun too long, old man!

Elijah: You’re right—those odds are too good. They ain’t fair. Tell you what, pardner: Bring along another 400 prophets who work for that other false god you worship. What was his name again?

Ahab: You mean Asherah?

Elijah: That’s the one—but after our showdown his name is gonna be mud! God will show you who’s in charge around here. Now git!

The Day of the Showdown

Narrator: The day of the big showdown came. The Children of Israel—a big crowd of them—had gathered. They all wanted to see the showdown because they knew the odds were 850 to one. Yep—850 false prophets on one side, and Elijah on the other. Those false prophets were organized, too. They all had on black hats and wore black boots because they were the bad guys. But Elijah wasn’t worried. He knew God was on his side.

Elijah: You first, sidewinders. Set up your altar, choose a sacrifice, but don’t set fire to it. Then you do what you gotta do to get your god to set the fire himself. You do that, you win.

The False Prophets Fail

Narrator: So, the 850 prophets built an altar out of rocks. Then they put wood on the stones. Then they cut up a bull, put the bloody pieces of meat on the wood, and started to shout. They shouted…

False Prophets: O Baal, answer us! O Baal, answer us!

Narrator: From morning to about high noon, they shouted and hollered, and there was nothin’ doin’. No fire. Elijah started teasing the false prophets.

Elijah: I’m not sure he can hear you! You may want to speak up a bit. Maybe he’s taking a siesta and he’s asleep. Or maybe he stepped out and headed off to the saloon. Or maybe he’s not a god at all!

Narrator: That really got under the false prophets’ skin. They danced around the altar, shouting louder. Some of them even cut themselves with swords and spears to show how serious they were. Finally, Elijah had his fill.

Elijah’s Takes His Turn

Elijah: Enough lollygaggin’. You’re wasting’ my time! This has been quite a show, but it’s my turn now.

Narrator: The false prophets collapsed in a heap. They were sweaty, and thirsty, and tired. But Elijah took 12 stones, one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel, and he stacked them together to make an altar. He piled some wood on top of that, then put his cut-up meat on top of the wood. Then Elijah dug a ditch around the altar and had some Children of Israel pour water over the whole shootin’ match three times. There was so much water that the ditch was full. Then Elijah stepped back and made an announcement.

Elijah: Most of you think I’m plumb crazy soakin’ the sacrifice, but I want to make sure you understand something: There’s only one God in these here parts, and Baal ain’t him!

Narrator: Elijah raised his head toward the sky and prayed.

Elijah: Lord, please answer me so these here people know you are the only law in these here parts. And Lord, show them that you love them, even though they have been slinking around with other gods besides you.

Narrator: At once God sent fire from the sky, and not only was the sacrifice burned up, but also the wet wood, the 12 stones, the soil around the altar, and every last drop of water! God wasn’t foolin’ around! He wanted to show everybody that he meant business! The Children of Israel fell to the ground and worshipped God.

Children of Israel: The Lord—he is God! He is the law in these here parts!

Elijah: Well, I’m glad we got that settled. Take them prophets of Baal prisoner, and don’t you let any of them get away! Take ’em down to the Valley of Kishon and hang ’em high. We don’t want their kind around here no more!

Discuss About the Bible Skit

  • Describe a time you let something get between you and God. What was it and what happened?
  • What would it take to prove to you that God is who he says he is?
  • Have you ever stood your ground as a Christian when the odds seemed stacked against you?

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