World’s Most Honored Dads


A fun Bible activity that will help kids honor Dad on Father’s day.

Theme: Father’s Day

Preparation: You’ll need a Bible. Make one “blue ribbon” for every eight kids, and have tape on hand to attach the ribbon to children’s clothing. You’ll also need a”Certificate of Honor” for each child, markers, and chalkboard and chalk or newsprint.

Experience: Have kids form a circle. Choose one child to stand in the middle of the circle, and tape the ribbon you made before class on his or her chest. Then say: Right now we’re going to honor (child’s name). Each of us will say something we like about (child’s name), and then we’ll all clap. I’ll start.

Begin by saying something such as “I really like Sandy’s big smile.” Then lead everyone in a round of applause. Have the person on your left go next, and continue around the circle. Have the last person to say something be the next person to stand in the middle of the circle. Continue until all the kids have been honored in the center of the circle.

Ask kids to sit down, then ask: • How did it feel to have others saying nice things about you?

• How did our words and actions honor the person in the center?

Say: There are some people in our lives God wants us to honor. Let’s take a look at the Bible to see who they are.

Have someone read aloud Deuteronomy 5:16. Say: This verse talks about both parents, but since we’re celebrating Father’s Day this week, we’re going to talk about honoring our fathers.

Ask: • How is what we did in honoring each other like the way God wants us to honor our fathers?

• How is it different?

Say: Saying nice things and clapping are not the only ways to honor someone. Lets think of some other ways.

Response Ask: • What kinds of things can we do to honor our fathers?

As kids answer, make a list on a chalkboard or newsprint. Keep going until you have a list of at least ten positive things kids can do.

Give each person a “Certificate of Honor” and a marker. Have kids personalize their certificates, mentioning things their fathers do for them and also listing a couple of things from the list you just made, promising to honor their fathers in specific ways.

Closing If it’s possible to have fathers present, have kids give the certificates to their fathers, thanking them for all they do. If fathers can’t be present, encourage kids to take the certificates to them later.

End the devotion with prayer, asking God to help kids honor their fathers in a special way during the upcoming week and in everyday ways all year long.

World’s Most Honored Dads
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