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The Surprise Box

SurprisesmLift the lid off kids' true identity as children God loves and treasures.

You'll need a box with a removable lid, a small mirror, paper, and markers. Before kids arrive, place the mirror in the bottom of the box and put the lid on.

Give kids paper and markers, and have them sit apart from each other. Ask kids to pass the box around in silence, taking off the lid and looking inside before passing it on to the next person. After kids look inside the box, ask them to draw what they saw.

When everyone has drawn a self-portrait, have kids talk about how recognizable their drawings are. Ask: What could someone see about you from your drawing of yourself? What things couldn't others see about you from your drawing that you'd like them to know?Read aloud 1 John 3:1-2. Ask: What does this verse tell us about the way we look at ourselves and others?

Close in prayer, thanking God for the unique gift of each child.

Deborah Myatt
Menomonee, Wisconsin

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