Sharing Faith


jellybeansThe Point: It’s important to
share our faith.

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Best for: Preteen

Scripture: Colossians 4:2-6

Supplies: You’ll need Bibles, a jar filled with
small candies, scrap paper, pencils, and a basket or bowl.

Give kids each a piece of paper and have them write down the
disease or illness that scares them the most. Have them place the
paper in a pocket so no one can see.

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Form pairs, then have partners discuss these questions:

  • Talk about a time you shared your faith with someone else.
  • What makes it difficult for you to share your faith?
  • Talk about a time you wanted to share your faith but

Give kids each another piece of paper and have them write
excuses for not sharing their faith, such as, “I’m too embarrassed”
or “I’m afraid” or “I don’t know what to say.” Have kids fold their
paper and place it in the basket or bowl.

Show kids the jar of candy. Say: Let’s pretend I
have in this jar the wonder drug of all time. This medicine can
cure even the most hopeless disease. And I’m the only person who
has this medicine.

Have kids get their paper with the illness or disease they

Say: Let’s pretend you’re dying of what
you wrote on your paper, and in this jar, I have the cure.

Have kids line up. Have each child say: I’m dying of (disease on
their paper). Can you help me? Answer each person by saying: I
could, but…and then read an excuse from the basket.

After everyone has asked for help, ask:

  • How is a miracle cure like believing in Jesus?
  • Describe what it was like when I gave you an excuse rather than
    the medicine you needed.
  • How is this experience like or unlike refusing to share your
    faith in Jesus with someone who needs to hear about him?

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