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11. Showcase your kids. People relate to
people. Make your ministry area engaging by showing off your most
amazing asset: your kids! With parents’ permission, create
poster-size images of kids and hang them along the walls. Again,
enlist a designer’s help and an amateur photographer if you have
access to one. Place the images in well-lit areas where traffic is

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12. Communicate with calendars. Email and snail
mail are great tools you can use to keep all your families and
leaders informed about the exciting events coming up. Send
quarterly calendars with your logo that list all your major events.
Include other major all-church events to encourage families to post
the calendar and to support other ministry areas.

13. Be picky about your greeters. These people are
the first face of your ministry to new families. Guests and even
new families will make a decision about whether to leave their
children with you based initially on the atmosphere of your area
and your greeters. If you hand-select these people, your
congregation will notice how well you attract new attendees, and
your ministry will gain momentum.

14. Invite media in. Consider installing a
monitor in a strategic location such as your entryway or check-in
booth that loops images of your ministry and high-energy
announcements. Just as with your newsletter, quality counts — so
get help from experienced techies who can help you produce a
quality message about your ministry.

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15. Become a promoter. Ray Kroc, founder of
McDonald’s, quickly moved from serving burgers behind the counter
to casting his vision for new restaurants far from the counter.
Your goal should be to move from being a technician of children’s
ministry to a promoter of your ministry. Start small. Make it your
goal to step out at least once a month to make announcements in the
adult services, visit adult classes, or simply stand in the
entryway and greet families. Moving from technician to promoter
develops your leadership, demonstrates that you believe in your
ministry, and indicates that you have a competent team in place
that you trust.

16. Ask for prayer. Connect with adults
throughout your church. Take time to visit adult classes and small
groups to share your vision for your ministry and ask for prayer
support. You may be surprised at the good response.

17. Spruce up your area. White walls are boring
and stale. Use every inch of your building to say you care about
families. Find artistic, talented people to help you brainstorm and
create an amazing space.

18. Infuse your atmosphere with music. Kids are
fun; they love fun. Music communicates fun. Take a trip to a
Christian bookstore or go online to find out what kids are
listening to. When your kids hear their favorite Christian songs,
they’ll be buzzing about your ministry.

19. Engage parents. Invite moms and dads to sit
in on classes. Encourage family experiences. Parents are often
surprised by the effort and quality that goes into a ministry for
kids. Their level of respect will grow in correlation to how much
you include and respect them.

20. Get official. One of the best ways to build
a team bond is to do it visually. Send a team message of unity and
goodwill through matching lanyards with name-tags, shirts, caps,
nursery smocks, and more. Whatever you do, keep your teamwear fun,
hip, and practical.

• • •

Let’s face it; every music student wants to go to Juilliard,
every med student wants to go to Johns Hopkins, and every law
student wants to go to Harvard. People will go long distances to be
associated with success. When you posture your ministry in a
positive light, you’ll attract people who want to contribute to
excellence. Your church leaders will happily support a ministry
that shines. And your congregation will be delighted to hear all
the wonderful things going on in your ministry!

Adam Day is the children’s pastor at Fairfield Christian
Church in Lancaster, Ohio.

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