Pop Goes the Weakness!



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This dynamite devotion and object lesson teaches kids that when
we’re weak, Christ is strong. With this knowledge, why would any
Christian ever worry?

Verses to View: 2 Corinthians 12:9-12

Tricks of the Trade: You’ll need a Bible,
balloons, a black permanent marker, straight pins, transparent
tape, and a paper towel with one end dipped in vegetable oil.

Devotion: Before class, blow up and tie off two
balloons. Draw a smiley face on one balloon and a sad face on the
other. Now here is the key to this slick trick: stick one two-inch
piece of transparent tape to the side of the happy-face balloon. Be
sure the tape is stuck tightly to the balloon!

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Place the balloons, the paper towel with vegetable oil, and a
straight pin on a table. Hold up the sad-face balloon. Say:
I’d like you to meet Mr. Worried N. Weak. Mr. Worried N.
Weak has a lot of troubles, and he’s sure no one can

What are things that make you worried or

Hold up the straight pin. Say:

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