Nursery: Thankful Wheels


Teaching toddlers to appreciate all that God has given us is no
easy task. This simple song is a great way to help your nursery
students learn the meaning of being thankful.

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Age-Level Insights: 0-2

For each toddler, you’ll need a sturdy orange or yellow paper
plate, and a fine-tipped permanent marker. Draw six pie-piece
sections on the plate using a fine-tipped permanent marker. Write
one thing to be thankful for in each pie section, such as church,
Jesus, family, friends, food, and the Bible. Below the words, draw
simple illustrations depicting each word.

Talk with toddlers about being thankful for everything on the
wheel, and then take turns closing your eyes and pointing to a
section on the wheel. Say something you’re grateful for that
relates to the corresponding item.

Send a note home with the wheels explaining how parents can play
the game with their children for Thanksgiving. This is a great way
for the entire family to discuss God’s blessings. Include this song
on parents’ note home (sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle,
Little Star”).

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We are thankful for our food,
And our church and Jesus, too!
We are thankful for our toys,
Don’t forget the girls and boys!
We are thankful for our food,
And our church and Jesus, too!
We are thankful for our food,
And our church and Jesus, too!

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