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A nursery volunteer does a finger play with a baby.
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3 Simple Activities Your Church Nursery Will Love

Learning activities like fingerplays are a fun and engaging way to introduce Jesus’ love to toddlers and infants in your nursery. Use this fingerplay message, song, and craft to teach them about the Bible.

3 Simple Activities Your Church Nursery Will Love

Nursery Fingerplay: Open The Bible

Lead children in this finger play:

Open the Bible (clasp hands together like a closed book, then open the book by laying hands open)
and read today (make finger circles and hold up to their eyes like glasses).
Open the Bible (same as above)
and learn God’s way (point to heaven).
Open the Bible (same as above)
and then we pray (clasp hands to pray),
“Thank you God for the Bible.”

I then get my Bible out, open it, and say the concept for the day, such as “God wants us to share.” By using this finger play and my Bible, I hope to communicate to children that we live by God’s truth that comes from the Bible.

Becky Knoll
West Richland, Washington

Nursery Song: “Sleepy-Time Song”

Here’s a soothing song to sing to babies. The baby’s name should be inserted where each blank line occurs.

God loves you so.
‘Cause you now know,
God will be with you Ev-er-y-where.
So go to sleep_________;
You’re in God’s care.

Connie Holman
Clearwater, Florida

Nursery Craft: Handy Idea

Toddlers love to make handprints. Why not use their handprints to make treasured crafts? For example, small handprints can be leaves for a group tree or tulips for a spring bulletin board. They can also be stapled together in a circle to make a Christmas wreath or side by side in a semicircle to make a rainbow. And, of course, don’t forget the old favorite Thanksgiving turkey made from a toddler handprint.

Ellen Javernick
Loveland, Colorado

Nursery Toys

Stock your nursery with these inexpensive household items for kids to play with:

  • margarine containers with lids
  • pots and pans
  • cushions from an old couch or chair
  • hats (be sure to wash these periodically)
  • checkbook covers, wallets, and purses
  • shoe boxes and paper bags
  • worn-out plastic watches
  • clean milk jugs, minus the lids
  • large, empty thread spools

Connie Holman
Clearwater, Florida

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3 Simple Activities Your Church Nurse...

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