Mitten Angels


A wonderful Christmas family service opportunity.

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Mitten Angels
Stuff: 11/2-inch foam balls, 12-inch squares of white
netting material, gold chenille wires, and assorted pairs of
children’s knit mittens.

Place one foam ball in the center of a piece of white netting
material, then fold the netting around the ball to form the angel’s
head. Use a pair of mittens to create the angel’s wings by wrapping
a chenille wire around the angel’s neck and the mitten thumbs.
Another chenille wire can be used to form a halo.

Let’s Talk: Ask: Describe the best Christmas gift
you’ve ever received. Why was it so special? How would Christmas be
different if you didn’t receive any presents?

Say: Many people go without gifts at Christmas. These
mitten angels can be a very special gift for children in need. I
challenge you to make more angels together at home. Bring your
mitten angels to our Christmas Eve service, and we’ll deliver the
warmth of mittens to a local family or women’s shelter on Christmas

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