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Give Him a Call

As your class prepares for the National Day of Prayer, have them consider all the things that they would like to tell God-and the things in their lives that they are thankful for. This Bible activity will help you show them the true value of prayer.

Theme: National Day of Prayer

Text: James 5:16

Preparation: Bring an unplugged telephone or an old cell phone.

The Message: (Hold up the telephone.) Do you like talking on the phone? Let's pass this phone around. When you get it, tell who you like to call. (Pass the phone around.) What do you say when you call that person? How do you feel when you get a busy signal or an answering machine?

There's someone we can call anytime and never get a busy signal. It's God. (Read the Scripture.) Why is prayer powerful? Why is it important to pray?

As we get ready for the National Day of Prayer, let's think of things we can tell God. Let's pass the phone again. This time, say one thing you'd like to tell God. (Pass the phone.) Talking to God is easier than talking on the phone. God is always home and never busy. God looks forward to hearing from you in prayer.

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