Game: The Mystery of the Holy Spirit


If the Holy Spirit is unseen, how can we know when he is present in our lives?

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Mark a line on the floor at opposite ends of the room. Tell kids that they’ll have a race to see who can make a balloon fly across the finish line first. Give each preteen a deflated balloon, and have kids spread out along one line. Tell kids that on “go”  they should blow up their balloons and then let them go, allowing the balloons to fly toward the finish line.

Of course, none of the balloons will cross the finish line on the first try. Have kids run to where their balloons land, pick them  up, and repeat this process until their balloons cross the finish line.

Afterward, bring kids together and read aloud John 3:8. Have kids discuss these questions with a partner.

  • What was it like trying to make your balloon go the way you wanted it to go?
  • How was this activity like or unlike trying to predict what the Holy Spirit will do?
  • Why is it hard for us to predict what the Holy Spirit is going to do?
  • If the Holy Spirit is unseen, how can we know when he is present in our lives?

Gordon and Becki West are Christian education consultants in Mesa, Arizona. 

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