Father’s Day Fun


Try these fun ideas to make dads in your church feel

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  • You Deserve a Break-Choose a restaurant close
    to your church, and have the fathers and their children meet there
    at least one hour before Sunday school starts. Kids can pay for
    their Father’s Day breakfast by doing a fund-raiser before the
    breakfast, giving from their allowance, or having moms help out.
    Have children give their fathers handmade cards and enjoy a
    breakfast of fun and fellowship.
  • Goody Hanky-For a practical gift, have each
    child bring in a new handkerchief. Place a candy bar and a Father’s
    Day bookmark in the center of the handkerchief. Fold the
    handkerchief into a triangle. Bring the ends together. Tie a ribbon
    around the ends-near the goodies-to hold everything together. Have
    children each write a note to their father and tie it to the

Cheryl Russell
Owensboro, Kentucky

Use this activity at a father/child banquet or dinner. Children
can invite their fathers, grandfathers, or a special friend.

Take the children behind a stage curtain or blanket suspended from
a curtain rod. Have the children quietly take off their socks and
shoes. Tell them not to talk or giggle as noises might give them

Have them line up in random order and place only their bare feet
outside the curtain. The fathers then have to look at all the feet
and try to identify their child’s feet. When a father thinks he has
found his child, have him use a washable, non-toxic marker to write
the child’s name on the bottom of his or her foot.

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When all the feet have been identified, open the curtain, and
check the results. Guaranteed fun!

Sue Steele
Beaver, Pennsylvania

Give fathers this gift to create special times between them and
their children as they listen to the music together. “Sing Me to
Sleep, Daddy” is a collection of original ballads and lullabies by
artists such as Phil Keaggy, Michael W. Smith, and Wayne

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